7 Tips That Can Help Relieve Your Allergy Symptoms

Allergy symptoms can creep up out of seemingly nowhere, and if left untreated, they can ruin a perfectly good day. If you find yourself suffering from allergy symptoms a little too often, it might be time to make a few changes in your daily routine. These are seven tips that can help relieve your allergy symptoms:

Service Your Air Conditioning Unit

The longer your air conditioning unit and ducts go without being serviced, the more pollen and dust are likely circulating through your home. Have your AC unit and duct-work regularly cleaned to begin cutting down on pollen and other allergens in your home.

Opt for the Dryer

If you regularly hang your clothes out to dry rather than utilize your clothes dryer, it could ultimately be another culprit for your allergy symptoms. Clothes hanging outside for prolonged periods of time are susceptible to collecting pollen, a very common allergen. Instead, find a reliable dryer at AppliancesConnection.com.

“Recirculate” Your Car Air Conditioning

Most modern air conditioners in cars have two settings for drawing air. You can either draw air in from the outside of the car to cool it down, or you can use the air inside of it to cool it. Always opt for re-circulation. It is a button marked by a small symbol of a car with circulating arrow symbols inside of it.

Take a Steamy Shower

Anyone who has suffered at the mercy of allergy symptoms knows how well a shower can temporarily relieve congestion and similar symptoms. Take about a 20 minute hot shower if your symptoms don’t seem to cease.

Use an Anti-Allergy Pillow Case

Many of these pillow cases are made with antimicrobial treatment, a key component to fighting allergies. Swap out your regular pillow case for an anti-allergy pillow case to help promote clear sinuses.

Eat Spicy Foods

Along with steam, spicy foods are also commonly used as a natural decongestant. These types of foods can temporarily open up the sinus cavities and nasal passages for instant relief. If you can, add a bit of chili peppers, wasabi, horseradish, or Dijon mustard to your food.

Leave Your Shoes by the Front Door

Lastly, you can do a lot of good for your allergy symptoms by not wearing your shoes throughout your home. When you come home after being out and about, leave the shoes you were wearing by the front door. This way, you don’t track pollen and bacteria throughout your home on a regular basis.

Allergies can be a major inconvenience that can interfere with daily activities. Learning how to treat your symptoms will give you peace of mind, and can prevent allergies from becoming sinus infections.

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