Entering hospice care is jarring for many individuals. Some feel as though they have no choice but to surrender, yet when you know important information about hospice care, you can feel a greater sense that it’s the right fit for you.

7 Things you Need to Know after Entering Hospice Care
1. It’s not a death sentence
All people are going to die, and no one’s moment of death is known to the individual. Instead of thinking of hospice as that type of care, you should consider it as a series of services to make you more comfortable, no matter what the outcome is.

2. You have different options
You may worry about what will happen if, for example, you eventually have to move from your home into a nursing care facility. Be sure to review the details of your program. Generally, services are still available to you if your living situation changes. The services will just be altered to meet your growing needs (Source: Cornerstone Hospice and Palliative Care).

3. You’ll actually spend more time with loved ones
When you enter hospice, you may think that your life will become an endless cycle of doctor visits. However, the opposite is usually true. You will generally have more time to spend with your family and friends.

4. You’ll get to participate in activities that you enjoy
The main focus of hospice care is to make you feel comfortable. As thus, the staff members will work to provide you with as many opportunities as are reasonably possible. Whether you like to sit outside and watch your grandchildren play or you like to put together puzzles, the time is yours to spend.

5. You can incorporate your religious and spiritual beliefs
At this time in your life, you may want to grow more in touch with your religious and spiritual beliefs; a hospice program allows you to do that. You may just wish to discuss faith with your nurse, or you may choose spiritual counseling.

6. Services are available for your family members
You may also worry how your family members are going to react to this change in your life and how they will respond when you are no longer on earth with them. Hospice care offers counseling for them as well.

7. The services are customized to you
Just because someone else whom you know had a specific experience while in hospice care does not mean you will have the same experience. The team will work to cater to your needs.

Knowing this information can make you feel more comfortable when you begin your hospice care.



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