Students who are enrolled in nursing school quickly learn the challenges and stress that can come with completing the education. The amount of information that must be processed in a short period of time can often feel overwhelming. To survive the terrors of nursing school and succeed, there are a few important tips to follow.

1. Find a Study Group

Establish a study group with a few other students to review the information that is taught on a consistent basis. This can make it easier to find support and keep the information fresh.

2. Get to Know the Professors

Form relationships with your professors to make it easy to ask questions and seek their help after class. This will make it easier to approach the staff when you need clarification on certain topics.

3. Avoid Setting the Bar Too High

Most RN students expect to earn A’s before attending nursing school with each class that they enroll in. Make it a goal to pass instead of expecting perfection from yourself to ensure that you can graduate on time.

4. Stay Active

Many students make the mistake of neglecting their health as they attempt to survive nursing school. Exercising and eating healthy can improve your mood, reduce stress, and will help you to feel recharged each day.

5. Stay Organized

Use a calendar to write out assignments that are due throughout the week to ensure that you can complete projects and papers early on.

6. Take Breaks

It can be easy to burn out in nursing school due to the large workload and tasks that must be completed. Allow yourself to take breaks from studying throughout the day to ensure that you can rest your mind and recharge. This will allow you to remember why you enrolled in the online RN to BSN program and how your efforts will eventually pay off.

7. Understand the Main Topics

It can be easy to get lost in the details of each course that you take, making it important to understand the major topic of each exam. Understanding the topics instead of memorizing sentences will help you to succeed and actually retain the information.

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