7 Important Reasons to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy








For many pregnant women, the moment they learn they are going to have a baby, they start to modify their lifestyle habits. Some may not have to change much because they are already living a healthy lifestyle. However, if a woman is overweight or has health issues such as diabetes or high blood pressure, they may be referred to a high risk obstetrician to monitor them closely and provide them with eating and exercise plans that will be safe for both mom and baby (Source: Dr. Gilbert Webb). The benefits of taking care of your body during pregnancy extend to your baby and can put them on the right path after birth.

Recovery After Birth
The better you treat yourself during pregnancy by working out and eating healthy, the better the chances it will be easier to recover after birth. Keeping yourself at a healthy weight can also reduce the amount of “baby weight” you will have to lose after your child is born.

Easier Labor
Exercise and healthy eating can actually reduce complications during child birth. Your strong body will be ready to push and fight through the fatigue that sometimes comes with labor and delivery.

Reduce Chance of Gestational Diabetes
Eating healthy and staying active during pregnancy may reduce the likelihood that you will develop gestational diabetes during pregnancy. And even if you do get it, and some women do because of age or genetics, keeping your blood sugar under control may help eliminate the need for medication.

Ease the Aches and Pains
Your body may experience aches and pains throughout pregnancy, but doing yoga, swimming, or water aerobics may help ease some of the muscle and joint issues that you may experience.

Energize and Recharge
Even small amounts of exercise can improve mood and boost energy. A short stroll around the block may be just what you need to make it through the rest of your day without collapsing from exhaustion. Exercise can also make you feel better about yourself at a time when you might not feel attractive.

Reduce Swelling
Getting those legs moving may also prevent them from swelling up and causing you pain. A simple walk can improve circulation and keep swollen ankles at bay.

Doctor’s Orders
Keeping your prenatal appointments will help ensure both you and your baby are on the right track. Not only will your doctor check your blood pressure and ask how you are doing, they can answer questions and give you one of the best treats a pregnant mother could ask for- hearing their baby’s heartbeat and/or seeing their first picture (Source: LinkedIn).

There are many reasons why a mother to be should be conscious of her health during pregnancy. Staying active and eating right while avoiding things that may be harmful is the easiest way to feel great during and after pregnancy.

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