Proteins are indispensable parts of a balanced diet. Man’s survival and life are indebted to the role of proteins. Why? Because proteins provide energy to your cells which keep you moving. Proteins are made up of long chain molecules which are known as amino acids. They are the main units of your muscles. Some of the amino acids are produced by your body ,but most of them are given in to the body by diet.

Protein deficiency is rampant these days because of bad life styles and unbalanced diet. But protein deficiency is a bit tricky to detect. Thankfully, your body gives enough indicators to reflect that it needs proteins. If you know to look at it the right way. Here are some signs showing your body is in dire need of proteins.

Frequent Injuries/ Late Recovery from Injuries

Do you feel that you get injured very quickly without even a real cause? Does your body take a lot of time to heal? That could be a sign of protein deficiency because proteins are used by the body to heal itself. They are the part of self-healing mechanism of the body.

Joint and Muscle Pains

Routine muscle weakness and joint pains depict protein deficiency. As mentioned before, proteins are building blocks of muscles. If you have pain in muscles for no reason, that means they are breaking the joint fluid to make up for the deficiency of the proteins. They also use the backup calories in your body which affect joints and immune system.

Hair and Nail Issues

Some of the major signs of protein deficiency include falling hair, depleting thickness of hair, deteriorating lackluster of your hair, peeling skin and flabby and brittle nails. These things point out that your body is not getting enough proteins.

Edema: Fluid Accumulation

An important joint or bones problem in which fluids get accumulated in hands, leg joints is also a sign of protein deficiency. This problem is usually known as Edema. In Edema the body fluid does not get think and get stuck in ankles and joints.

Frequent Sicknesses

Proteins are the soul of your immune system. If you feel tired every time or get frequent sickness, your immune system needs proteins.

Foggy Brain, Weakness

Foggy brain and weakness or fainting is an important sign of protein deficiency.

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