Recovery from an eating disorder should feel like a joyous celebration. All of the once limited foods can finally be enjoyed. But it isn’t really like that though. Some foods can cause triggers, which means that they might bring about feelings of shame, guilt, or worthlessness that could lead to a relapse. Luckily, there are six foods that can be eaten to help people with an eating disorder get the nutrition and calories that they need without the guilt.


An eating disorder weakens the bones, so drink calcium-rich milk to build them back up. It should be of the full fat variety if possible. But vegans and vegetarians can have coconut or almond milk. Milk also contains important proteins and Vitamin D.


Salmon is loaded with vitamins and minerals that make it a really good choice for building the body back up. It has protein that nourishes muscle growth and phosphorous, Vitamin D, and calcium that help build up the bones and teeth. The vitamins B6 and B12 in it will improve energy levels.


These small, sweet treats are high in iron and potassium, which makes them the perfect choice for snacking. They can be added to a few other dried fruits and nuts for an easy trail mix. They have a small amount of natural sugar in them, which will boost energy levels that might be low.


If you don’t want to eat the raisins alone, you can enjoy them in a bowl of warm oatmeal in the morning. Oatmeal will give you the magnesium that you need for a healthy heart and improved nerve functioning. It also has a good amount of fiber, which will improve constipation that is common when a person first starts introducing more foods into their diet. Opt for oatmeal that is not the instant, pre-sweetened type because it does not have as much nutrition.


This tropical fruit not only tastes delicious, it is also loaded with antioxidants that will strengthen your immune system. It will also improve poor digestion, so you can absorb more nutrition from other foods.

Black Beans

Black beans provide iron, manganese, protein, and calcium. They are high in fiber that is important to your digestive system. Black beans are considered one of the healthiest foods to eat because one serving of them gives you so many types of vitamins and minerals that you need to stay healthy.

Remember, there are no “good,” “bad,” or “clean” foods. So, if you want to try something that is not on this list, then go ahead. Eat some of these six foods on a daily basis in the amounts that make you feel the most comfortable. But, if weight gain is of the utmost importance, then be sure to eat at least one or two full servings of all of them a day. If you have any questions, consider asking for help from a treatment center like Center for Change. They will be able to answer any questions you might have and help you to stay motivated during this difficult time.

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