When we think about losing weight or getting fit, we mostly think ourselves doing high intensity training, exhausting ourselves in the gym or lifting weights. We forget about the most basic yet extremely useful workout which could be the first step towards our goals. I am talking about walking. Walking daily doesn’t exhaust you and yet it has amazing health benefits. It is the best workout to start with, especially for the couch potatoes who keep on making plans but don’t do anything practically. Don’t overwhelm your mind with gigantic plans. Just start walking. Here are some scientifically proven benefits of walking to keep you moving.

Benefits of Walking

Strong Bones and Good Blood Flow

Walking keeps blood flowing through your body smoothly. It strengthens your bones and prevents you from osteoporosis. There is a new study done by famous One Nurses’ Health Institute, which proves that walking daily reduces the risks of hip fracture by 40%.

 Walking is a low-impact exercise. You should start it if you are planning to do high end gym training in the near future.

Unlocking Brain Power and Cognition

Walking is great for the brain, especially if you develop a habit of a walk in the mornings in nature. Many studies have shown that walking regularly prevents you from brain diseases like dementia. A famous study published by Annals of Neurology proved that people who walk regularly never get Alzheimer’s disease.

There is an amazing health benefit of walking backwards. You can improve cognition and brain power by walking backwards. A One Dutch study shows that walking backwards improves cognition, brain agility and thinking.

Improved Glucose Levels

Glucose level is a key in our entire immune system. It should be kept in check in order to normalize the blood and sugar levels. According to a study by Diabetes Care, walking for 15 minutes after a meal helps in maintaining the glucose at perfect levels in the longer term.

Your Immune System Will Get Stronger

Our immune system gets better when we walk. If you walk daily, your joints, bones and immune system will get stronger. In the longer run, your immune system would be able to fend off problems like diabetes and joint pains.

You’ll Sleep Better

Do you have sleep problems? Leave those tablets and start walking. Walking regularly and intensely will make you sleep like a baby. Set your biological clock right by walking in the nature in the morning. This would set the natural circadian rhythms of your body with nature and you will sleep better.

You Can Burn a lot of Calories

You can lose weight with walk. Many people don’t value walking when it comes to weight loss, but you will be surprised to know that you can burn around 88 calories by walking one mile. This is amazing, especially because of the fact that you burn 112 calories by running a mile. So the comparison shows the importance of walking.


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