5 Ways to Keep Your Mind Alert as a Senior

Everyone gets older, and there is nothing that can stop the march of time. This is especially true of the brain, which may lose its efficiency to process information when it is not constantly challenged. Doing the following five activities will keep an aging mind in optimal condition.

Reading Stories

Reading for 30 minutes each day is one of the easiest ways to exercise the brain. It forces the mind to remember words, organize ideas and process thoughts in ways that television and movies cannot. If 30 minutes is too long for one sitting, the reading can be spread out over the whole day and can include poetry along with short stories.

Learning Computer Skills

With many families staying in touch through the internet, it is beneficial to learn basic computer skills such as logging on, opening a browser, using a website and writing an email. These activities will keep the mind alert and allow for enjoyment of photos, messages and videos from loved ones. Sites like Bask are a great place to start, as they specialize in helping seniors set up computers and answering technology-related questions.

Playing an Instrument

Music has many positive effects on brain function, and playing an instrument will bring hours of relaxation and fun for both the aging person and their family members. Even if a senior has never played before, learning basic scales and simple tunes can make a large difference in cognitive function.

Participating in Exercise

Exercise is a healthy habit for people of any age, but it particularly helps seniors stay mentally alert by increasing circulation to the brain. This alone reduces the risk of strokes, heart attacks, and diabetes, and promotes deep, restorative sleep. Gardening, walking around the block or practicing gentle yoga poses are all excellent forms of exercise. In addition, exercise is a social activity that can be done with friends and family.

Eating a Healthy Diet

The human body needs a healthy, balanced diet to perform at its best. Eating lean meats, fish, vegetables and whole grains while avoiding cholesterol and excess fat will reduce the chances of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s. Coupled with exercise, a good diet will keep the excess pounds off as well.

Growing older does not mean a person must sit in a rocking chair and watch the world go by. The senior years can be a wonderful time of your life. Following the tips above will ensure that you have a sharp mind filled with happy memories.

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