Back pain is an irritating condition that affects thousands of people, particularly later in life. Luckily, there are a lot of simple techniques to reduce back pain, most of which can be done in your own home. Here are five of the best methods to alleviate back pain:

Sleep Smarter

We spend roughly a third of our time asleep, and the position you’re sleeping in can greatly affect back pain. If your back isn’t properly aligned or if you sleep in a weird position, you may be causing yourself more pain than you need to. You can use a pillow to help your spine align properly and cushion your back.

Alternate Ice and Heat

If you’re suffering from regular back pain, try applying an ice pack to painful areas, which can help reduce pain as well as any inflammation. Alternate the ice with a heating pad, to help your back muscles relax. You can also take hot baths regularly to help with pain.

Exercise Regularly

You might think that exercising would exacerbate back pain, but long periods of rest have actually been shown to be worse for your back, while exercise can help reduce pain. However, be sure to avoid heavy lifting involving the back muscles, as this can risk further injury. To be particularly safe, focus on cardiovascular activities like running or swimming.

Practice Yoga

Scientific studies have shown that yoga can help reduce pain for people with chronic back problems. Because yoga involves both physically loosening your muscles as well as achieving mental calm, it can relax your back muscles and reduce pain.

Visit A Professional

If your back pain is chronic or persistent, consider visiting a chiropractor for therapy. Chiropractors specialize in keeping your body properly aligned, and they can help you improve on any problems you are having with posture or proper alignment. Alternatively, a physical therapist can provide you with back stretches and exercises that reduce pain, so whether you receive therapy from a chiropractor or physical therapist depends on what is causing your back pain and what is recommended by your doctor.

These are just a few of the best techniques to reduce back pain. Most of these exercises can be done on your own without spending many and are proven to reduce back pain, but if the pain persists or is chronic, you may want to make an appointment with a physical therapist or chiropractor as well.

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