Depositphotos_3300407_originalOne industry that is continually evolving is healthcare. This is due to the introduction of technology as well as new strategies for efficiently providing care to patients. The benefits of a more advanced healthcare system are obvious. It can result in people living longer and healthier lives. Below are five unique trends moving forward with healthcare in America.

Healthcare Apps
While smart phones and tablets have definitely invaded most people’s lives, they have taken much longer to be integrated into healthcare. This may be changing soon. Apps, for one, have a lot of applications for use by patients. For examples, apps can be used to remind patients to take their medication. They can also be used by patients who must actively manage their conditions such as diabetes patients.

Electronic Medical Records
Another strong trend has been towards moving away from paper records and towards completely digital patient files. Companies, like the physician owned specialty hospitals with Nueterra, have focused on the implementation electronic records within their surgical hospitals. This has many great benefits. Patient data can be more quickly accessed by doctors, surgeons and nurses. It also means this information can be transferred to other facilities and physicians as needed.

Specialty Drugs
With the way the current pharmaceuticals industry operates, most prescription drugs are developed with large swaths of the population in mind. However, the wave of the future may be something known as specialty drugs. Specialty drugs are designed for chronic ailments that affect less of the population such as multiple sclerosis and Hepatitis C. Currently, these drugs are prohibitively expensive, but an effort is being made to bring those prices down.

Teleconferenced Doctor Visits

Another strong possibility in the future is that you won’t actually have to visit the doctor in person for a check-up. Once expensive teleconferencing equipment is now available to anyone who owns a webcam. According to a study by PwC health research institute, it is believed that as much as 10 percent of future doctor’s visits could be done through internet teleconferencing.

More Transparency
An effort towards greater transparency in healthcare is also making waves. This includes a greater ability to compare insurance plans, view reviews for doctors from patients and examine the financial payments that certain healthcare professionals are receiving from pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers.

Healthcare is one of the most important industries in the world. It helps determine the health and quality of life of many people. As new technologies and strategies for providing care are developed, patients are likely to benefit.


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