Eye problems can be an unsettling experience. Although some vision changes are normal with aging, some problems can indicate a condition that requires immediate treatment. If you have any questions about sudden vision problems, make an appointment to see your doctor immediately.

1. Eye Pain

Any continuous pain in or around the eye can be a sign of a significant problem that needs immediate attention. In some cases, a foreign object may be dodged in the eye tissue. Some cases are due to corneal abrasion that can cause significant discomfort. Infection in the eye can also cause pain. These disorders require treatment from a qualified ophthalmologist.

2 . Bleeding

Any bleeding in the eye should immediately be seen by a qualified eye physician. These injuries may occur due to trauma of the eye or other conditions. The eye doctor will determine the extent of the damage to the eye and what kind of treatment is required.

3. Spots, Flashes and Floaters

As time goes on, most people develop spots, specks, floating bubbles and wispy cobwebs in their field of vision. Many people develop flashing that occurs at the corner of the eye during eye movements. These symptoms usually results from thickening in the viscous fluid of the eye is generally not a cause for concern. However, if you notice any unusual changes in these symptoms, increasing in severity or changing in quality, you should contact your eye doctor immediately for an examination.

5 reasons to go see your eye doctor immediately4. Double Vision

Double vision can present a variety of different symptoms. It may occur in one eye’s vision but not the other. Double vision can be caused by a number of medical conditions that may require diagnosis. Eye muscles themselves may need treatment. If you experience double vision at any time, see your eye doctor immediately for proper diagnosis and treatment.

5. Clouding of Vision

Blurriness can be acquired when you have a cold, flu or other respiratory problems. However, if you experience blurriness or clouding of vision unrelated to these minor illnesses, you should see your eye doctor to ensure that no serious eye disorder is causing the problem. Clouding of vision often occurs as people age, when cataracts begin to grow over the eye. This condition can be treated with surgery so that vision becomes clearer again.

If you experience any unusual change in vision, you should make an appointment immediately to see your eye doctor. In many cases, the problem may be minor and easily treated. Early treatment is important for any eye condition and can save your vision.

Informational credit to Eyeconx, a Calgary eye care clinic.

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