5 Reasons to Consider Moving Your Mom or Dad into a Senior Care Home

When people have been independent their entire lives, it’s hard to accept a change. However, you shouldn’t feel guilty for considering long-term care. It’s your job to make sure your parents are well taken care of when they experience difficulty caring for themselves. Before you shirk the notion of senior care completely, consider the following.

1)Medical Staff
If your parents have become medically fragile in recent years, it can be dangerous for them to live alone. If you are not a registered nurse, or if you work outside of the home, you can’t always be there to provide medical care.
The medical staff at senior homes are trained in geriatric care. They are more likely to notice if your parent is beginning to decline in health.

Senior care centers are also therapy centers. Most care homes offer physical, occupational, and speech therapies. Some, like The Scottish Home, even offer memory support programs.

3)Assisted Living
For those who are still able to function on a fairly independent level, assisted living is a viable option. These facilities provide separate apartments for each resident with medical staff checking in as often as needed. Your parents may not mind this arrangement much at all considering staff will keep their house and yard for them. This arrangement is also possible for those who need more support through a model called a “greenhouse.” Each apartment is separate, but linked to a nurse’s station in the middle.

4)Costs and Insurance
For parents on a limited income, moving into a care home can mean that they get more help through state and federal insurance programs, and with medical staff on hand, expensive hospital trips aren’t as necessary.

5)It’s not as Boring as it Seems
When we think about long-term care, we sometimes think of the 1950’s model where patients shuffle from room to room doing jigsaw puzzles in a haze. Those days are gone! Senior care homes are now lively communities with exercise classes, game nights, church services, and a number of community activities open to the public. Usually, you can take your parent out for a date or shopping trip whenever they want.

It takes some getting used to, but you and your parent may both find that senior care homes are a good fit for your family’s needs. It never hurts to take a tour with your family of apartments or facilities near you.

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