5 Reasons Why You May Need Rehab

Substance abuse and addiction can take over an individual’s life to such an extent that normal functioning at work, with family and in social groups is impossible. Going to rehab is often resisted, but it can often be the most effective way for substance abusers to get their life back on track. These five reasons bring many substance abusers to rehab to deal with their problem.

1 – You’ve Tried To Quit Many Times Without Success
If you have tried to quit the substance a number of times only to relapse back into the same patterns of use, you could benefit from the assistance and support of a rehab facility. In rehab, you will learn new coping skills to help you resist these falls back into addiction.

2 – You Suffer Withdrawal Symptoms When Trying To Quit
Withdrawal is often the biggest obstacles to sobriety. The body aches, chills, nausea and diarrhea can so debilitating that the person may continue abusing the substance to avoid these symptoms. A rehab facility can help reduce the severity of these withdrawal symptoms so the person can detox safely and begin the process of learning new behaviors.

3 – You Have Negative Consequences From Your Substance Use
Substance abuse often leads to work, family, legal and social problems. Consequences of substance abuse can be catastrophic, causing homelessness, imprisonment, loneliness and alienation from family. Alcohol and drug rehabilitation can help the individual to overcome their addiction, gain control over their emotions, change their behaviors and restore their lives to sanity.

4 – Your Health Is Suffering From Substance Use
Years of substance abuse can also take a serious toll on the person’s health. Alcohol and drug use can cause cardiovascular disease, stroke, lung disease, HIV/Aids, liver disease and can even lead to death. An individual can enter rehab to stop the downward spiral of illness and begin to restore their health.

5 – You Need To Use More Substance To Get The Same Effect
As the addiction worsens, the person may need more of the substance to get the same high. This need can lead to severe financial burden and the risk of overdose. Entering rehab will stop this downward progression and allow the person to regain control over his or her life.

These five symptoms indicate the addiction has become a problem you cannot manage by yourself. The experienced professional staff at a rehab facility can assist you in detoxing from the substance and help you to begin your recovery.

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