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There is no doubt that aging is unavoidable. In fact, little or nothing can be done about that. However, there is a brighter side to it. Individuals have a control over the aging prematurely of their skin.

This is primarily through the decisions one makes. Lifestyle choices and decisions have a huge effect on any skin. Therefore, caring for the skin is paramount to preventing untimely skin aging.

Several habits are notorious in making the skin look older than expected. Individuals who love and treasure their skin must therefore avoid these habits in every way possible. Below is a look at some of these habits.

Habit #1 Cigarette smoking

This is very harmful to the normal health of the skin. Cigarette smoke brings about numerous damaging effects to the skin making it age very fast. The smoke hugely increases dryness and wrinkles. Smoking is also a negative factor to the skin in the sense that it depletes or robs the body of vitamin c, which is quite helpful in keeping the skin moist and plump. Therefore, those who value their skin ought to avoid this practice.

Habit #2 Alcohol intake

The second practice that is quite harmful to the skin has to do with the intake of alcohol. What alcohol does is that it dilates the small blood vessels. It also increases the flow of blood on the surface of the skin. What happens is that over time, there is a permanent damage of the blood vessels. This in turn creates a bad or ugly skin appearance.

Habit #3 Over exposure to the sun

The sun can be good to the skin because of the vitamins it brings with it. However, when one exposes their skin too much to the sun, it brings about premature ageing. Such skin turns out to become molted in regards to the appearance. The risk of sagging and getting wrinkles also increases. The skin gets countless spots, becomes dry and develops a leathery appearance. For those who spend better part of their day outside exposed to the sun, it is prudent to make good use of skin products that guarantee protection from the harsh sunrays.

Habit #4 Stress

Frowning comes as a result of too much worry, anxiety and stress. It is very essential and more than paramount that individuals develop some sort of relaxation technique as it comes in handy in reducing stress levels. Undoubtedly, stress affects both the mental and physical well-being. It therefore goes without saying that one must be very careful on how they handle their stress levels. This is because it also affects the skin a great deal.

Habit #5 Failure to exercise

Lack of taking part in physical exercises is also another great contributor to the premature ageing of the skin. This is because exercises go miles in toning up skin muscles and increasing the flow of blood. If anything, exercising is one of the most effective anti ageing remedies.

The above are just some of the habits that can bring about premature ageing of the skin. Avoiding each of them is wise. There is no doubt about that.

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