4 Signs That Your Loved One is Slipping into Alcoholism

Watching a person spiral out of control with a drinking problem is never a pretty situation. Alcoholism not only creates problems for the person with the emerging addiction, but it also tends to be an issue for loved ones as well. People who are developing alcoholism may exhibit any number of symptomatic behaviors. It is important to detect these behaviors before they get out of hand. The following are four signs that your loved one has started to slip into an alcoholic’s routine.

Alcoholism Exacerbates Sleep Problems

Television shows always make alcoholism seem like a problem that causes a person to act clumsy and sleepy. For this reason, many people imagine that drinking alcohol is a good way to help themselves fall asleep faster. Unfortunately, what many alcohol drinkers do not realize is that poor quality sleep, such as periods of insomnia, are a common sign that a person is developing a problem with alcoholism. According to Kirk J. Brower, M.D., sleep disorders tend to be worse among alcoholics as compared to non-alcoholics.

When Drinking Is a Chronic Habit

It is common to see people go out for a social drink now and then. The trouble begins to surface when a person starts to want a drink on a more frequent basis. When this turns into a regular habit, this is generally when the pattern of habitual drinking starts to take its toll. Before long a loved one will start to show signs of being unable to forego the urge to indulge in alcohol. When this increase in drinking starts to turn into binge drinking on a regular basis, this tends to be a pretty good sign that a loved one has crossed the line from being a social drinker to being an alcoholic with a drinking problem.

This problem becomes worse if a person has a tendency to drink and drive. It is common for people to get their first DWI during the early phases of alcoholism. It is at this time that they may need the services of a competent DWI attorney. According to Harron Law, which is a firm with criminal defense lawyers in Austin, an attorney needs to have experience defending DWI cases and the ability to bring creative solutions to legal issues that will arise along the way.

Lying About Drinking

Another hard-to-ignore sign that a person is heading down the road of alcoholism is that people will lie about their habitual drinking. Not wanting others to think they have a drinking problem, alcoholics will try everything from hiding the fact that they are sneaking alcohol to blatantly lying about how much alcohol they drink and when. Often a spouse or family member will start to notice the lie due to the amount of money coming up missing from one pay period to the next. Even when confronted over the missing income, an alcoholic will stretch the truth to conceal the facts about how the money was spent on alcohol.

Physical Signs of Alcoholism

As with any addiction, alcoholism tends to cause an alcoholic to exhibit some obvious signs that there is a problem brewing. Aside from the tendency to avoid family relationships and failure to maintain professional working obligations, alcoholics will begin to exhibit physical signs that their dependence on alcohol has gotten out of hand. These signs include, but are not limited to, agitation, inappropriate outbursts of anger, profuse sweating, tremors, stomach problems, vomiting, blackouts, hallucinations, and arrested breathing due to alcohol poisoning.

As signs of alcoholism begin to emerge, it is always smarter for an alcoholic to get help sooner than later. Although an alcoholic will insist that they are in complete control of their drinking problem, this is a common lie that exposes that the situation has already gotten out of control. Despite how much a person wants to believe their loved one is able to manage their drinking problem, the simple reality is that this is rarely ever the case.

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