4 Safety Tips for Seniors Living With Diminishing Mental Capabilities

An estimated 30 percent of seniors today live alone totally independent of others. Consequently, as the senior population grows larger each year, they face various options on how to best navigate through their senior lifestyles. That being said, our article below lists 4 safety tips for seniors living with diminishing mental capabilities.

Stay Connected

Staying connected with friends, relatives and/or neighbors is of utmost importance for seniors living live declining mental capabilities. Be it through daily phone calls, text messages or having someone come by on a regular daily basis, sets the stage for safe living.  This is especially true for seniors battling dementia. Maintaining a close circle of friends at a weekly church fellowship or worship service is also a good way to stay connected; moreover, let your minister know of your living arrangements.

Back up Phones for First Responders

That said, always let your connections know of a safe place where you normally keep the phone numbers of your doctors, urgent care/hospital, pharmacist, ambulance service and the local police/fire department call centers. Never under estimate your need to have them close at hand. This is something continually demonstrated through Sunshine Retirement senior lifestyles and other well-respected senior living facilities.

Limit Giving out Personal Information

If you don’t know a person well, limit giving out your personal information beginning with, “I live alone.” Never trust anyone with bank numbers or credit card information. If you are still mobile, as many seniors are, go run your own errands receiving home deliveries only from trusted sources. Unfortunately, a lot of unscrupulous individuals prey upon the elderly and take advantage of those whose memory is fading and who are enduring other health issues. Often times the elderly simply aren’t aware that they are divulging sensitive information.

Test The Soil

“Testing the soil” and setting your own comfort level is vitally important. Do you need help of some kind, such as a walker, bath tub safety bars, incontinence supplies or medication? Then, try having a supply always on hand or go to the website specializing in senior-friendly products.

Take inventory of other safety aids you can easily buy such as several sensor lights that make it easier walking down a hallway at night. Getting rid of small rugs usually found in the bathroom or before the kitchen sink will do wonders. A known fact is that more deaths occur at home as a result of a fall in the bathroom than any other part of the house. Be especially careful as you stand on a bathtub rubber mat or bathroom rug drying yourself.

There are no cookie cutter, one-size-fits all pattern for seniors living alone. Not all are decrepit, immobile nor techie-challenged. The largest growing group of Internet users today are found with seniors. Furthermore, not all of them take medication. Once a senior, or otherwise, lives alone, the equation changes. Senior years are among the most productive and fruitful years in life so choose wisely.

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