Men who want to become fathers but are having difficulty conceiving can try different fertility treatment options. These treatments offer effective solutions for men and provide additional health benefits. Here are four reliable fertility treatments that can help men reach the goal of fatherhood.

In-Vitro Fertilization

This treatment is often suggested for women who have trouble conceiving, but men can also experience advantages. IVF may be the right option for men with low sperm counts. A sperm sample is taken from a man and mixed with egg cells from a woman in a plastic dish. Once an egg is fertilized, it is placed back inside the woman with the hope of achieving a healthy pregnancy.

Varicocele Surgery

A varicocele, or an abnormally large testicular vein, can sometimes be the reason for male infertility. These sizeable veins can block passages for sperm and make it more difficult to have a successful pregnancy. Undergoing a surgical procedure can often correct this condition and increase the chances of future child conception. Surgery may also improve a man’s erectile and ejaculatory functions. Sperm samples should be collected and kept in biological cold storage, like that available from Sci Safe, before going through surgery to correct a varicocele or remove a testicle just in case the procedure causes permanent infertility.

Hormone Therapy

Men whose hormones are out of balance often have trouble conceiving children. If cortisol levels are deficient because of a condition like congenital adrenal hyperplasia, corticosteroids may be prescribed. Kallmann syndrome, which leads to low testosterone production, is sometimes treated with pituitary hormone replacement therapy. Doctors may also need to correct thyroid hormone imbalances to treat male infertility. Gonadotropin therapy involves hCG injections and is another reliable treatment for certain hormone imbalances. Reproductive hormones may be increased with a nonsteroidal drug called clomiphene citrate.

Testicular Extraction of Sperm

Exploring this alternative may be necessary if no sperm are present in semen samples or if their quality is deficient. Sperm can sometimes be taken directly from the testicles with a needle or through minor surgery. The extracted sperm can then be injected into a woman’s egg with the goal of becoming pregnant. The sperm and egg are often harvested from the respective man and woman on the same day to achieve the best results.

Hope exists for men who want to father children but are struggling to conceive. The latest treatments often yield great results and are usually simple to perform.


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