The medical workplace must work as a team to create proper healthcare for the patient. Each profession in healthcare has its own specialized knowledge and responsibilities. When one profession is depending on another profession to help a patient, there can be misunderstandings. One example is the relationship between the patient caregivers and lab techs. Although they may live in different areas, there are some pieces of equipment that both areas must master to provide the best care.

IV Line

It is obvious that the caregiver must know how to install and monitor an IV line. It is also important that this information is handed off to the lab techs. Often when a patient is drawn, there will be contamination with an IV line due to improper collection. When a lab tech is aware of a line they may notice a difference in results. This can save the lab tech from reporting out incorrect results which then causes the caregiver to make improper adjustments.

Collection Tubes

Tests in the laboratory need different coagulant tubes to give proper results. A lab tech must know which tubes are used for each test. For example, complete blood counts usually use an EDTA coagulant and a coagulation test may use a sodium citrate coagulant. A caregiver must know the proper collection order of these tubes so that they are not contaminating the next tube that is drawn. Some companies, like CPI International, know that the correct preparation of samples to be analyzed is very important for any patient.  Taking the proper steps to keep patients safe is worth the time.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The most important part of being a healthcare worker is safety. Knowing the proper sterilization techniques can contain dangerous illnesses and keep other patients and workers safe. The patient caregivers must know when they can treat in scrubs or more protective layers. The laboratory must know when samples need to be analyzed in different ways to not expose anyone to harmful pathogens.

Disposal Devices

Everyone working in a healthcare setting must know the different techniques of disposal. There should at the very minimum be a biohazard disposal and a general garbage to keep everyone safe. A biohazard disposal is necessary to keep maintenance workers from being poked with a needle or covered in a patient’s blood.

Healthcare can be a very stressful workplace. Having proper communication and education makes occupation in this area so much easier. All workers in healthcare should be familiar with this equipment. Patient caregivers and lab techs should be masters.

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