Personal Injury Law

When you sustain an injury, there may be some expenses associated with it. This can include anything from your initial medical bills for emergency treatment to the ongoing therapy required for more extensive injuries. Beyond the physical aspect of your case, there may also be expenses associated with missing days at work and property damage. Finally, there is your reduced quality of life, commonly referred to as pain and suffering. Here are four types of injuries for which you may be entitled to compensation.

Auto Accidents

Most states have laws requiring drivers to carry liability insurance. This allows someone injured in an auto accident to have their medical bills, lost wages, and property damage paid for. If the insurance plan of the at-fault driver is not sufficient to cover the injuries, then is it possible to seek compensation from the driver personally.

Premises Liability

When you walk into a retail store or are invited into someone’s home, you expect that the environment will be reasonably safe. If there is an unsafe environment, such as a loose floorboard that you fall over, then you may be able to ask the owners to cover your expenses. The owner may cover your expenses out of his or her pocket, or they may choose to have the insurance company cover the claim. Premises liability extends beyond the walls of the building to include playground equipment, walkways, and parking lots.

Defective Products

Products are expected to perform according to advertised claims and the expected use. When products fail to live up to their claims and result in injuries, the victims can pursue compensation by working with the manufacturer. In some cases, these situations may lead to class-action lawsuits where multiple people have been injured. If you are unsure of the viability of your potential defective product law suit, contact this firm or other similar legal institutions.


Some injuries aren’t directly attributed to a faulty product, car accident, or private property, but you can still hold the negligent party responsible. If you’re knocked down on the sidewalk by a careless person, then you may be able to go through the courts to have your expenses reimbursed. These cases can be more difficult as you need to be able to identify the person who harmed you and prove that they’re responsible for the injuries. However, an attorney may be able assist you by possibly conducting an investigation into the matter and speaking with witnesses.

With any type of injury, one of the hardest parts is determining what your real losses are. This is one area where an attorney can prove invaluable. In addition to representing you in negotiations or in court, an attorney will also help you determine the full extent of your financial losses both today and in the future. This is an essential step in obtaining your rightful compensation and helping you protect your rights.

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