Varicose veins are enlarged veins that can cause discomfort and are cosmetically unappealing. They appear mostly in the legs and feet, because walking increases pressure in the veins of the lower body. Treatments for varicose veins may include self-care measures or procedures by a physician. Below are four treatments to consider.

Using Compression Stockings

Wearing these stockings all day is usually the first recommendation before trying any other treatment. They squeeze your legs and help the blood to move more efficiently through veins and leg muscles. Professionals, like those at Ivein vein center, know that there are a variety of types and brands that offer varying amounts of compression. Most can be bought from pharmacies or medical supply stores but prescription-strength stockings are also an option.

Catheter Treatment

This treatment involves using a small catheter that is inserted into the affected vein. It uses heat by radio waves to shrink the tough collagen in the vein wall and causes it to collapse. Anesthesia is injected into the area to eliminate any possible pain. Scarring is highly unlikely with this procedure. For more on catheter treatments, check out WebMD.

Laser Surgery

This procedure uses a laser to destroy the vein. It can usually be performed in a physician’s office and only takes between 30-45 minutes. It is entered into the vein using an ultrasound machine and is then fired at the vein. It can be fired at multiple locations and only requires a general anesthetic to ease any discomfort. Recovery time is very minimal and pain is almost non-existent. The procedure may produce mild bruising and some numbness, but no long-term side effects.


During this procedure, a doctor injects affected veins with a solution. This solution scars and then closes the vein. Within a few weeks after the injections, varicose veins should disappear or fade drastically. Some large areas may need to be done more than once but small to medium sized areas should only take one procedure. This doesn’t require any anesthesia and can be done at your doctor’s office.

For most people, varicose veins are an embarrassing addition on their skin. For others however, they can be uncomfortable or painful. Older methods for treating varicose veins tended to be painful and left long-term side effects. With the technology available today, there are many ways to help get rid of varicose veins with minimal pain and little to no side effects.

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