4 Modern Weight Loss Programs to Beat Back the Fat

We live in a society that is obsessed with their weight. There are individuals who are looking to lose weight because of health concerns. Others are looking to lose weight in order to improve their appearance. Over the past few years, there have been multiple weight loss systems that have been introduced to the public. Some have been effective, and some have had less than stellar results. The following is a list of four modern weight loss programs designed to help beat back the fat.

The South Beach Diet

For the past decade, many individuals looking to lose weight have turned to the South Beach diet. The theory behind the South Beach diet is that by employing a high protein, low carbohydrate diet, a person will lose weight faster. This diet is broken down into different phases. The first phase is designed to minimize cravings and to jump start the weight loss process. The second phase is designed to set the person on a long-term continual weight loss program. And the final phase is to help a person continue to lose weight for the next year.

The Atkins Diet

While the Atkins diet has been around for some time, it has recently received a modern face lift. Much like the South Beach diet, the Atkins diet is based on the concept of minimizing carbohydrate intake. The theory is that the more carbohydrates a person eats, the more insulin their body produces, which in turn leads to weight gain and hunger. The modern version of this diet has the benefits of helping the dieter identify what fats they should avoid, identifying good carbohydrates, and it helps the dieter to have a balanced intake of fiber, vitamins and minerals. The disadvantages of this diet is that the weight loss is usually not sustainable, and the restrictive first two weeks is very difficult for dieters to stick to.

HCG Diet

This diet is designed to help individuals lose weight by using HCG drops to help them control their hunger and their food intake. Individuals who have used this diet program have seen substantial weight loss, improved blood sugar levels, and reduced high blood pressure. In addition to helping individuals curb their appetite, the Intermountain HCG diet teaches them how to eat healthier and maintain a healthy lifestyle for the long-term.

The Ornish Diet

This diet goes against contemporary thinking. The goal is that a person will eat more of the right food and weigh less. Research has shown the health benefits of this diet. People have lost weight using this diet program. However, the initial phase, which includes completely removing meat from the diet, can be challenging for some dieters.


Losing weight can be a challenge. Regardless of the plan chosen, the dieter must have a level of self-control that allows them to stick to the program that they have laid out. However, if a person is determined, they will have positive results in the long run.


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