There are a variety of tools and techniques that are utilized in the development of medication. The formulation of it plays a large part in how it can be manufactured for your use. Here are some of the more commonly used tools that you would see at a drug company.

Formulation Development

The formulation process generally occurs in a laboratory before it can be taken on a larger scale in the manufacturing plant. It involves the use of laboratory testing equipment in order to ensure that the medication can be delivered to you at the correct dosage. High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) instruments are commonly used to help with determining the efficacy and purity of the medication. The laboratory becomes a key partner with the manufacture of any type of medication and the quality control that occurs at a later point.

Mixing Process

Once the correct formula has been derived, batches of medication can be created. The first step is to mix the raw materials into the final formulation for your use. Many drug companies will use a kneader mixer to manufacture pharmaceutical drugs in order to ensure that the raw materials are evenly distributed. The point of using these industrial grade mixers is so that you don’t have inconsistencies in your medication.

Pill Press Options

There are two standard options when it comes to creating the pill for you. Many types of medications are the compressed raw ingredients that have been mixed. The other option is to put the ingredients into a capsule shell. Both methods use a pill press machine in order to ensure that the medication meets the specifications that have been outlined according to their manufacturing procedures and guidelines. The route of delivery has been tested in the laboratory to ensure adequate delivery of your medications.

Safety Coating

With the compressed ingredients, most manufacturers use a special safety coating on the outside of their pills. This is to ensure that the pill doesn’t cause you to experience esophageal damage during the swallowing process. The safety coating is generally wax that’s applied by placing the pills in a tumbler that has a spray nozzle inside the drum. It functions in a similar manner as your dryer at home. As the pills are gently tossed around, they are evenly sprayed with the coating material.

Drug companies have a variety of tools at their disposal to create your medication consistently and safely. Each step of the process is highly controlled and regulated to ensure that each drug is uniform to everything else within the same batch.

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