Many people are not as productive as they like at work. In fact, studies have shown that the average worker wastes 20 percent of his or her work day. There are several things that can interfere with your productivity at work. Below are some of the things that may make you less productive:

Sleep Deprivation

Nearly 50 percent of Americans are not getting the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep per night. However, getting the proper amount of sleep is one of the keys to staying productive while you are at work. It will be a lot harder to concentrate if you do not have the proper rest. The professionals at Crowley Furniture Mattress Store have said that having a bad mattress is one of the things that can keep you from getting an adequate amount of rest. If you know your mattress is bad, you might want to talk with someone about what type of mattress would be best for you.


Skipping Breakfast

In order to have a productive work day, you must start preparing before you step in the office. You should eat a nutritious breakfast every morning before going to work. Foods that are rich in the B vitamins can help you think more clearly and improve your concentration. Avocados, pineapples, oatmeal and bananas are examples of foods that are rich in the B vitamins.


A Lack Of Exercise

Studies have shown that people who exercise regularly are more productive than those who do not. Exercising regularly helps boost mood and energy, which will help increase productivity. Additionally, exercise helps alleviate stress. Stress is something else that can interfere with productivity.


Working Too Long Without A Break

You have to give yourself regular breaks when you are working. If you work too long without a break, then you may experience burnout. Studies have shown that taking short breaks increase productivity and concentration.


Many workers are not as productive as they like to be. Interruptions, sleep deprivation, lack of exercise, working too long without breaks and skipping breakfast are some of the things that can reduce your productivity while you are at work.

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