4 Basic Medical Degrees you can Pursue Online

Medical training programs are quickly taking advantage of technology to train students without the need to step foot in a classroom. An aging population and exciting opportunities in information technology are merging to deliver some unique opportunities in healthcare that can be offered online.

Medical Billing and Coding
Medical coding is one of the most popular and fastest growing fields of healthcare that can be attained online. Complex insurance needs and terminology make this field desirable in the near future. Many programs listed as certified through Advancing the Business of Healthcare can be completed entirely online. The opportunities continue to grow with demand and course materials reflect a challenging career that incorporates basic medical terminology.

In today’s world you can easily get a sonography degree online. Specialty diagnostic programs often combine on-site clinical experience with a preceptor and coursework online. This combination makes it an excellent choice for working adults and non-traditional students. Many distance education programs emphasize additional credits in specialization that can be applied in sonography such as cardiac or vascular sonography.

Medical Assisting
It’s becoming common practice for medical assistants to have a broader scope in healthcare for assisting physicians in everyday procedures, particularly family practice. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical assistants are expected to grow over 29% by 2022. This rapid growth requires enough training to fill this void. Medical assistant programs can be combined in a hybrid format with online coursework and on-site clinical experiences. Many individuals grandfathered in with a high school diploma can quickly earn coursework for certification.

Health Informatics
The blending of information technology and medical expertise is something sought after in all aspects of healthcare. This basic certification or program can equip healthcare experts with the extra knowledge of working with hospital IT programs and complex patient database systems. Most healthcare informatics programs can be completed entirely online. Additional information technology coursework can also be included as an advanced standing for advanced degree programs in the health information technology field.

The RN to BSN degree is a popular way for staff registered nurses to quickly gain the foundation for more advanced career opportunities and advanced practice programs. The BSN degree is becoming increasingly common for first year Registered Nurses in the field. Job experience can usually count for clinical experiences with a mentor to accomplish the coursework needed for a BSN.

Whether you wish to advance your experience as a nurse or gain skills from an administrative medical point of view, there are several online degree programs available now. Consider researching how quickly these degree programs can advance your career standing.



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