Some of the more common types of mental health conditions that affect millions of people are depression and anxiety. Patients may experience symptoms of only one of these conditions in varying degrees, but they often go hand in hand together.

You may think that your mental health is a separate issue from your physical health. However, studies have shown that mind and body are strongly linked. In fact, if you suffer from depression or another type of mental health condition, you may suffer from some of these physical issues now or at some point in the future.


Mental health issues do not directly contribute to diabetes. However, some people with depression, anxiety, and other conditions are lethargic, and they fail to get ample exercise. They may prefer to remain at home and to lay around the house, and they may not have any motivation or energy to be active with friends and family members.

These factors can lead to weight gain or even obesity as well as poor dietary habits. Diabetes is often a result of these specific factors, so you can see that depression and mental health can lead to the development of diabetes over time.

Cardiovascular Issues

Because individuals with depression and other mental health conditions may gain weight, there is a concern about cardiovascular health and well-being. Exercise can improve cardiovascular health, but mental health conditions often discourage an individual from getting an adequate amount of exercise regularly.

In addition, individuals with anxiety may have high blood pressure or spikes in blood pressure when they have a panic attack. This can also negatively impact cardiovascular health.

Various Types of Cancer

Many factors related to mental health conditions can result in an increased risk of some types of cancer. For example, obesity, a lack of exercise, poor dietary habits, smoking or drug use, alcohol consumption and more all are unhealthy factors that ultimately could play a role in the development of cancer.

Addressing the underlying mental health conditions afflicting an individual through professional assistance or an in-patient treatment center could help the individual to minimize these physical health risks.

Mental Health Is Very Closely Linked to Physical Health

You understandably want to be as healthy as possible. If you have symptoms of anxiety, depression or other mental health conditions, reach out to a behavioral health professional such as Rural Health Services Consortium Inc.

for assistance. By taking this step, you are making effort to improve the quality of your life and your overall health condition.

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