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Times of emergency can be hectic or even tragic, and it isn’t always clear how to act in response. This can cause extra chaos and confusion to an already stressful situation. Much of this can be averted by having a plan, as well as establishing proper safety procedures. This includes safety drills, some of which may be more life-saving than others. Below are three drills every office should have and practice, just in case the drill scenario becomes real life.


We’ve all heard “Stop, Drop, and Roll” in regards to a fire catching on us, but the truth is that fires can cause massive damage in small amounts of time. It helps to first fireproof your building with the right tools and equipment, offered by companies like The Fire Protection Specialist Company Pty Ltd, since it gets you ahead on prevention. You should have good drills alongside these, of course, to further prevent human injury or death. Starting with an escape route is one of the best ways to do so.


Unlike many other weather conditions, tornadoes are not confined to a region; they can happen almost anywhere. When the wrong winds interact to create a vortex, you could face anything from a few tossed furnishings to widespread business damage. In order to prevent a loss of life, regardless of how strong the tornado is, follow proper safety procedures and make sure everyone’s listening. It’s generally a good idea to keep everyone in an interior area on the lowest floor, away from windows.


In the event of a dangerous intruder or criminal entering the work space, businesses often either pursue an evacuation or a lockdown, in which members of the business relocate to a safer area until the threat passes. This can easily be accomplished by designating a safe area in which to “lock down,” as well as barring entrance to other areas of the building. It’s also extremely important to make the safe area look as untouched as possible, turning off lights and equipment besides keeping employees quiet.

It might be easier to not think about emergencies in the business, but one may come at any time. Natural disasters and human tragedies could be catastrophic without a little planning. Prepare your business and everyone with these drills to lower the risk. Once they’re set, you and your company will be ready.

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