Anyone who lives long enough will experience the aging process. Some aspects of it are genetic, others are behavioral and a few are a combination of both. Regardless of the origin of aging limitations, there is people aren’t always helpless against the passage of time.

Physical Abilities

How physically capable an individual stays depends on a lot of variables that include a lifetime of eating habits, exercise, sleep, activity levels and genetics. A few people in their 80s and 90s can particulate successfully in strenuous activities while others start to lose muscle mass and bone strength as they age.

Your genes dictate some of the age progression in your body, but most physicians agree that it’s diet and exercise that play a larger role. A lifetime of healthy eating and movement keep the muscles supple and the bones strong. Unless there’s a limiting condition, almost all aging people benefit from a good diet and routine exercise.

Hair Loss

Both men and women are vulnerable to hair loss as a result of aging, but it’s almost always more dramatic in men than women. Hair loss is largely genetic. It can be the result of chemotherapy, but the hair grows back once treatment stops. Medical specialists have developed methods, like PRP hair treatment, to augment hair restoration in individuals who are genetically predisposed to baldness.

Mental Capacity

Some people show signs of mental decline as they age while others stay mentally sharp regardless of their ages. Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are the most serious diseases of aging. Researchers are looking for causes above and beyond genetic vulnerability.

Other mental declines include forgetfulness, which is one of the most common signs of aging, especially for short-term memory. People may remember what happened 55 years ago but have no recollection of a specific event that happened yesterday.

Medical researchers have found that some people can offset memory loss by keeping an active mind. Puzzles, games, active learning and staying involved all keep the brain active. They recommend considering the brain as a muscle and using it accordingly. Witness the rise in older people taking college classes and working longer regardless of financial need.

Aging Myths

These three ways of aging differently are founded in reality, but there are a number of myths about aging that aren’t. Don’t fall for the beliefs that aging makes you lonely, isolated, depressed, boring, or unproductive.

Bottom Line

Although some of the limits people experience as they age are biological, it is possible to overcome many of the obstacles. Seeking professional assistance from a medical professional or participating in social or educational programs is often the best approach to extending your abilities to participate in beneficial activities.

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