24-year old Ryan Clarke weighed 383 pounds. He felt bad, weak and unhealthy all the times. People laughed at him when he walked out in the street with the flabby body.

clarke 1

Clarke was married. He had one kid and the second was coming soon when the doctor told Clarke that the chances of him living after the age of 30 are scarce.

This was the wakeup call for Clarke. This is now or never moment. Clarke and his wife Alyssa decided to change this together.

Today Clarke is 183 pounds, fit, healthy and muscular.

clarke 2

This remarkable and shocking transformation came in just ten months. Clarke completely changed his eating habits. He started going to the gym twice a day.

clarke 6

Clarke started doing intense cardio in the mornings before going to the school for his senior degree program. In the evening, he did weight training for an hour and running for more than 30 minutes.

Today, the couple enjoys life with their kids. Here are they perfectly fit in Clarke’s former 48-inch pants.

clarke 5

None of this was easy. There were times when he used to give up and break down. But this was when his wife motivated him and pushed him and reminded him the goal of his plan. He also changed his friends. He started to surround himself with people who gave fitness value. He made new friends in the gym.

clarke 3

Alyssa says that she feels that she is married to a completely different man. Clarke is a changed person altogether.

You can follow Clarke on his Facebook page to see his plan and fitness motivational posts.

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