Doing yoga comes with many health benefits, but you may be putting undue strain on your back if you’re practicing the wrong techniques. Learning how to do yoga the right way will help save your back from unnecessary injuries. Here are a few ways to protect your back and prevent strain and pain when doing yoga.

Strengthen Your Core

Developing stronger abdominal muscles will not only help you achieve a six pack, it will also take some of the strain off your back when doing certain yoga poses. Having a strong core is especially important when doing certain poses, such as chair pose. Crunches and other ab exercises are great for strengthening your core and should be done in addition to your yoga routine.

Warm up First

Like with other forms of exercise, you should warm up first and refrain from doing challenging poses early in your yoga routine. Some easy upper body twists and overarm stretches will help get your back and the rest of your body ready for a yoga session. You can also try doing a warm up pose, such as baby cobra, before progressing to a more advanced pose like upward facing dog.  This will more easily save your back from being pushed too hard too soon.

Work with a Certified Instructor

A qualified yoga instructor can teach you the correct poses and make any adjustments to protect your back. He or she can also teach you yoga techniques that will help strengthen your back and make it more limber, which may further prevent injury. Professionals, like those at Bennett & Sharp PLLC, know that if you suffer a major back injury because of negligence on the instructor’s part, you can learn about your legal options from a personal injury lawyer in your area, if absolutely needed.

Avoid Rounding Your Back

Rounding your back goes against the natural way that your spine is supposed to flex, and this can lead to disc and lower back problems. You might have a tendency to round your back while doing forward folds. Try to imagine your spine lengthening up and away from your hips when doing certain poses to avoid rounding your back.

Yoga is supposed to help all areas of your body, and you will want to take precautions to protect your back so that you can enjoy the full benefits of this physical activity. Keeping your back out of harm’s way will allow you to keep up with your yoga routine without missing a beat.

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