Work it Out How Exercising Will Keep You Healthy and HappyExercise is one of the best ways in which to keep in shape, physically and mentally. In the modern day and age, most people forgo sufficient physical movement and exertion in lieu of desk jobs and long commutes. This has had a significant negative impact on the health of our societies. Emerging research into healthy lifestyles over the past twenty years have made it very obvious: in order to remain healthy, as well as happy, we need to push our physical limits on a regular basis.

Exercise Keeps You Healthy

Physical exercise has so many benefits in terms of the physical body. By exercising, we fight fat deposits and keep our bodies lean; we keep our metabolism up and running and cholesterol down; we keep our organs operating at a healthy clip; and we fuel our muscles and organs with fresh oxygen and blood. Research has proven that people that incorporate exercise on a regular basis as part of a healthy lifestyle ward off disease and sickness and have longer and healthier lifespans than people who do not. Diseases like diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, and even cancers, can all be held at bay with the right exercise regime. Treadmills are a commonplace in many gyms and boutique/hotel workout centers, and are a great place to start an exercise routine, from walking, to jogging, to short sprints – they all get the heart pumping and the blood flowing.

Staying Strong through Exercise

Physical exercise keeps muscles and bones strong. Working out increases your metabolism so that you burn calories long after you are done exercising. Certain exercises also extend range of motion and flexibility, so that your body moves better and more efficiently, meaning physically fit people suffer from less chronic pain and injuries. Ellipticals are great machines to extend motion and exercise cardio, while minimizing the damage that can be done from running – such as hard impact on the knees and ankles.

Finding Happiness with a Work Out

Exercise is possibly the single best thing that people can do for their brain and mood, according to many researchers in the field of psychology. There are many ways that exercise actually has an effect on the brain. By working out, the body actually releases anti-stress hormones and pleasure neurotransmitters so that exercise has a soothing effect on the mind – this also works to fight depression and anxiety. Working out also increases blood flow to the brain, making it work better.

Keeping Your Youth through Exercise

Reducing stress through exercise means that the detrimental effects of stress, specifically aging, can be slowed down and even reversed. Keeping your muscles supple and strong profoundly impact the quality of living long after most people suffer from age-related complications. People that implement exercise as part of their lifestyle greatly benefit, no matter what age they start at. Even beginning exercise “late” in life can have drastic impacts on reversing age-related issues such as pain, immobility, and lack of stamina.


So when you are feeling demotivated to work out – just remember how many benefits can be reaped from even a little bit of regular exercise. Gyms need not be seen as centers of suffering, but instead – gateways to health, happiness, and retaining youth. That should be all the motivation in the world!

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