Nordic walking on a treadmill in a health club...

Nordic walking on a treadmill in a health club in Nürnberg, Germany Deutsch: Nordic Walking auf einem Laufband in einem Fitness Studio in Nürnberg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Congratulations on making the decision to begin working on shedding those unwanted pounds. Although the choice to begin a change in lifestyle is a tough one, the results will be well worth the effort. You will soon begin to feel better, have more energy and become a happier, healthier you. When you are just starting out with an exercise routine as a source of losing weight, it is important to have a healthy plan in place. As a beginner, you will need to start at an easy pace, learn how to eat healthier and gradually increase your regimen until your fitness level improves.

Practice Safety

The safest and easiest form of exercise for all fitness levels is walking. A treadmill is an excellent piece of equipment that you can use for all levels of exercise. The most important part of the weight loss process, is to do so in a safe and healthy manner. The exercise and diet regimen you choose must be consistent. Attempt to walk in short intervals once each day for one week and gradually increase the mileage and or number of times per day you walk.

Treadmill Benefits

Walking is the most natural way to exercise and treadmills were designed for the purpose of walking in a variety of levels, without going outdoors. Because of the ease in use, walking on a treadmill has been shown to be one of the most effective sources of weight loss when a consistent routine is implemented. It is important to exercise regularly on a treadmill in order to increase your body’s metabolism and burn fat. Losing weight requires dedication, however, if you stick with a regular routine of exercise and eating healthy, you will begin to lose the weight and have more energy. Keep in mind that a treadmill is intended to naturally simulate walking. Follow these tips to begin walking your way towards a healthier you.

  • Naturally let your arms swing by your side and keep hands loosely cupped
  • Proper posture is crucial, so keep your head up, look straight ahead and relax your neck.
  • Walk just as you would off of the treadmill by taking comfortable steps. Your stride should not be too long or too short
  • Keep your hips loose and hold your tummy in while walking
  • Breathe normal. Take in smooth, deep breaths and let the breaths out slowly
  • To avoid boredom, read a book, watch television, listen to music or watch yourself in a mirror to monitor your posture or to work on your steps.

Nutrition for Weight Loss

Exercise is an important part of the weight loss process; however, eating healthy and balanced meals are also important. Without the correct foods, your body will not be able to have the energy to be consistent with exercise routines and it will be more difficult to lose the weight. Your time spent on the treadmill will be more effective when it is combined with a healthy diet. Your primary goal is to reduce the amount of sugars, carbohydrates and fats you consume, while increasing the amount of proteins and fruits and vegetables. When you reduce the amount of carbohydrates you consume, but increase the amount of lean proteins, your body will be forced to begin burning the fat. Your body automatically chooses carbohydrates over fat because carbohydrates burn easily, so limiting them encourages the body to burn fat instead. When you increase the amount of proteins you consume, your body is able to recover quicker from exercise workouts and your workouts will begin to increase the muscle tissue. Although an increase in muscle tissue requires more fuel and more calories, however, when you consume healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables and lean meats you will begin to burn fat and calories and tone muscle at the same time.


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