Many people who have never played the golf perceive it as an elite game that does not involve much body movement other than the occasional swing. This could not be further from the truth. After a good game of golf, the player will usually testify of feeling refreshingly tired, as though coming from an intensive workout. Playing golf is good for your health, and in the following 5 ways particularly.

  1. Endorphins

It is absolutely essential to take care of the mind if you want to live a healthy life. The only problem is, in the current world we are living in, with everything becoming increasingly expensive, employers becoming increasingly demanding and people in general becoming less friendly, it might be really difficult to maintain your mind at peace.

This is where a good round of golf every weekend comes into play. Just taking that stroll out into the open green field, breathing in the fresh air and enjoying a bit of sun can go a long way in encouraging your body to produce endorphins, the feel good hormones that will boost your mood natural in a way no anti-depressant ever could.


  1. Exercise

Anyone who has ever played golf can tell you one thing, there is quite a bit of walking involved. A round of golf can have the player walking up to eight miles (if they opt out of using a golf cart). This, if it were to be done on a regular basis would do a world of good for your body.

Walking is well known to be one of the best exercises for the heart. Combine this with playing a game that you love and you just might have hit the jackpot.

Joe Kirkwood (1897-1970)

Not only do you exercise while playing, if you want to be any good in your swings and generally have a better score in your golf game, then you will probably be highly motivated to take part in the various exercises prescribed to better your swing and increase your flexibility.

  1. Strengthening your bones

Weight bearing is a good way to increase your bone health. Which weight might you possibly be bearing in the golf course you ask? Well your clubs of course! Golf clubs can be quite weighty and bearing this weight while walking across the expanse of the golf course is good for your bones.

Of course this needs to be done in moderation. Carry a weight that you are comfortable with, and do not strain one shoulder by carrying a one strapped bag. Have a double strapped bag so that the weight is evenly distributed across your shoulders.

  1. Vitamin D

You remember what your mom told you about vitamins and how essential they were for your health and development right? Well Vitamin D is one of those vitamins you should not do without. It is crucial for regulating the amount of calcium phosphorous in your blood, which in turn is vital for your bone health. It also regulates the growth of skin cells.

You could intake Vitamin D into your body using supplements and diets rich in it, or you could simply allow your body to manufacture it you naturally, all it takes is some sunshine…

With golf you can be sure that you will be exposed to more than enough sun. Out in the course, playing the game on a beautifully sunny day, your body will have all the resources to create vitamin D on the ready.

  1. Brain power

Think about it, how much mental calculation goes into making that perfect swing? The coordination, concentration and visualization that is put into the game, in a completely stress free environment, is good for your brain cells. Having a lot of oxygen circulating in your brain has also been proven to be beneficial for brain health. Out in the course, you can be sure there will be enough fresh air circulating throughout your body.

So go ahead, for a better life, play golf!



Chad has experienced a drastically healthier life as a result of playing golf. He spent quite an amount of time researching the health benefits of the game in the PGA village, and this article is a by-product of that research.

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