Resting is one of the keys to recovering from an injury. However, you may still be able to engage in exercise while you are recovering. Engaging in light exercise while you are injured will help you maintain your fitness. Below are three exercises that you can do while you are recovering from an injury:


Walking is a very simple exercise that is low impact. If you have suffered a neck injury, back injury or shoulder injury, then walking is the ideal exercise for you. Walking can help tone and strengthen your muscles. It can also help prevent you from gaining weight. It is very common for people who have suffered an injury to gain weight.

If you have just suffered an injury, then you will need to gradually ease back into an exercise program. You can start off by walking 10 minutes per day and then gradually increase your time and intensity. Make it a goal to eventually walk 30 minutes per day.


If you have a twisted ankle or plantar fasciitis, then you will need to participate in non-weight bearing exercises. Swimming is an example of a non-weight bearing exercise. It does not place a lot of stress on your joints, but it is still very effective. Swimming can help you burn over 400 calories in one hour. However, you will need to start off slow and then gradually build up your time and intensity.

Elliptical Trainingelliptical

Elliptical training is another non-weight bearing, low impact exercise that you can perform while you are injured. One of the many great things about elliptical training is that it allows you to work multiple muscle groups at the same time. That is why it is one of the ideal choices for athletes who have suffered an injury.

When you first start working out on an elliptical, you should not use any resistance. As your body gets adjusted to the elliptical, you can add resistance. Adding resistance will make your workout more intense. If you are working out while you have plantar fasciitis, then you will need to invest in one of the best shoes for plantar fasciitis or other orthopedic shoes that are the best heel pain shoes.

Even though rest is a very important part of recovering from an injury, complete bed rest is usually not required. In fact, moderate exercise will probably do a lot more good than harm. Walking, swimming and elliptical training are some of the exercises that you can do while you are recovering from an injury. However, you will need to consult with your physician and gradually ease back into the program.

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