You must have heard about Treadmill probably a gozillion times but it is always great to keep getting a constant dose of motivation. You may have a treadmill in your home but chances are that you are not getting the best out of it because of laziness, procrastination.

A reddit user recently posted his amazing transformation which came by after he used treadmill for 100 days constantly. The results are so discernible that the post is going viral since it surfaced. Thousands of people are asking this great man questions.

Andrew says that he was tired of feeling low and bad. He was gaining weight and felt lazy. That’s when he decided to change his life by adapting running on treadmill and improving his diet.

Here are the amazing photos which show the results.

guy runs treadmill and lose weight 1

guy runs treadmill and lose weight 2

Andrew’s weight was around 190-210lbs when he started running and now he weighs 170lbs. He says that he didn’t measure his exact weight when he started running because he didn’t know things would end up at such a historic transformation.

Details of Running Plan

This guy has a NordicTrack treadmill. He used to run at around 6 miles with a 10% incline. He says that he runs twice a day on his treadmill, around 1.7 miles each time, which means he does around 3 miles a day, which is not that hard.

They key is consistency, and diet, which I will mention below.

Details of Diet

In diet, Andrew says that he used a low-carb and high-fat diet. He eats a lot of meat, Greek Yogurt,  Salads, wraps made of low-card tortillas.

Andrew also enjoyed some cheat days but he says that he never skipped running.

You can change your life too. You can lose a lot of weight just by running and eating clean.


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