Body contouring refers to the wide array of surgical procedures aimed to change a part or parts of the body. It is usually done to patients who underwent massive weight loss or even for patients who want to improve certain areas of the body.

Body Countering

Body Countering

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The wide array of surgical procedures employs different mechanisms and techniques, but experts say these offer different types of results. Let us try read on expert opinion about body contouring and how we can separate facts from fictions.

Radiofrequency for the Face and Body

One technique in used by dermatologists and other cosmetic physicians worldwide is RF or radio frequency. RF techniques involve using up to 8 poles that deliver energy to break down fats, cellulites and increase blood flow. RF devices that have two or three poles are said to generate only little power, some experts also argue that the effectiveness of these devices still remain unclear.

It is important to note however, that some devices and some techniques show promising results. The first FDA approved radiofrequency device: ThermaCool or Solta is an example. Survey result involving 5,700 patients treated with this device show improvement in 87% of patients. The device has been used to tighten facial skin.

Other devices such Pelleve (Ellman) offer the same satisfactory results for the face, but not the same to the body.  Other experts agree that devices combining RF energy and magnetic pulses show satisfactory results in both face and body contouring.

What About Ultrasound?

Ultrasound is also used in the area of body contouring. Ulthera or Ultheray is the recent ultrasound treatment for those who want a brow lift. However, this treatment is still under evaluation, and over 30 studies are being done, testing the device in other parts of the body. An issue with the Ulthera device is pain, if the physician knows how to handle than, then treatments would go smoothly. Another issue with this device is the need for multiple sessions. Dermatologists and cosmetic physicians alike do hope future devices to be developed would address the two main issues.

But it is not the issues we have to look at, there are still satisfactory results, especially for techniques that combine ultrasound therapy and RF energy. UltraShape employs a combination of these techniques and clinical trials show a reduction of 7 cm in the waistline of patients.

Cryptolysis Anyone?

Cryptolysis is a body contouring technique that freezes fat cells. Devices such as CoolSculpting or Zeltiq does the freezing to get rid of the fats. Treatments usually result to 20-25% reduction of fats in a target area per cycle. Dermatologists often emphasize to patients the need for multiple cycles inorder to achieve the desired results, body sculpting wouldn’t make bellies flat in just one day.

Despite the numerous ways on how to get rid of fat and improve the body, experts do agree that a combination of diet, exercise and healthy living is still necessary. For more on body contouring visit body contouring at NU cosmetic.

Information and news updates on body contouring is written by Amy Henderson, author of web based articles and blogs on cosmetic procedures, health, wellness and beauty.


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