Exercise helps keep you fit, and reduces your chance of developing numerous chronic health conditions. However, the thought of exercising makes a lot of people cringe. Exercise should not be something that becomes a chore. You should select activities you find enjoyable. Below are some ways you can exercise this summer without being bored stiff.
Summer Sports Fun Ways to Get Toned This Year
Zumba is one of the most popular dance workouts today. It blends the choreography of various forms of Latin dance, such as merengue, salsa and cumbia. Other forms of dance may be included in Zumba, such as hip hop. You can burn anywhere from 500 to 1,000 calories by doing this workout, especially when you really get into the moves. Zumba is not only a lot of fun and helps you burn fat, but it can also help tone your arms, glutes and thighs. Classes are taught at most gyms today. You can also purchase a DVD and do Zumba at your own home.

Kickboxing works your upper and lower body. It can also help strengthen your abdominal muscles. This type of full body work out can help you burn hundreds of calories in a short amount of time. In fact, you can burn over 320 calories in just 45 minutes. Kickboxing can also be a great defensive skill to have.

It is nice to be outside when the weather is warm, and swimming is one of the most popular summertime outdoor activities. Swimming is a form of low-impact exercise that works the muscles in your lower and upper body at the same time. It can also help you burn 500 calories or more in an hour. If you have never learned to swim, then you may want to consider taking some swimming lessons in Houston or your own hometown to get the right technique in your stroke and breath.

Rock Climbing
Rock climbing is an activity that can be done indoors or outdoors. It helps build balance, strength, and can help you burn up to 800 calories in one hour. Maria Richardson, who is the owner of Climbers Rock, has stated that rock climbing is a lot like performing yoga on a rock. Rock climbing requires that you shift your body weight constantly, which helps strengthen the muscles in your core.

Jumping Rope
Jumping rope is a cardiovascular activity that helps work your entire body. It not only helps strengthen your muscles and bones, but can also help improve your coordination. Additionally, jumping rope can help you burn 200 calories in just 15 minutes.

Bike Riding
Bike riding is another exercise that allows you to get a workout that is both effective and low-impact. This exercise can help you tone the muscles in your legs and core, and you can burn over 600 calories if you cycle for one hour. Just make sure you know the rules of the road before you head off the paths.

If you are looking for an effective exercise as an alternative to jogging, then you may want to try skating. Skating helps strengthen the muscles in your lower body, but it does not put a strain on your bones. Skating is also a great calorie burner. You can burn over 300 calories in one hour by skating.

Kayaking is a great way to sculpt your upper body. When you pull the paddle against the water, you create resistance. The muscles in the triceps, back, core, and biceps are some of the muscles that are worked while you are kayaking. If you have never been kayaking before, you may want to consider taking some lessons first.

Getting fit does not have to be boring. There are several exercises that are both fun and effective. Kayaking, skating, Zumba, cycling, swimming, rock climbing and kickboxing are some of the fun ways that you can keep yourself in shape during the summer months.

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