6 Tips To Stay Safe And Plan A Rewarding Workout

It seems that more people are jumping aboard the fitness bandwagon and are finding ways to stay active. However, many people quickly get burned out by working out in the gym all the time, and start craving some fresh air with their exercise before long. It can really up your enjoyment of your workout when you get to be outdoors. However, working out in the city can have its dangers. To stay safe, follow these six tips and enjoy a rewarding workout in the city.

1. Don’t Run Alone

This is an especially good tip for women to follow. There is safety in numbers, and women who run alone are more apt to get attacked. Even if you can’t find another runner to go with, bringing a dog with you can help keep you safe. You should also stay in busier areas if you will be running alone.

2. Don’t Run with Earphones

Most people love getting pumped up during a run by listening to their favorite tunes. However, this is not a smart decision when you are running alongside busy streets. Leave the headphones at home when you are headed outdoors for a jog. This will help to keep you from getting surprised by an aggressive dog, wayward bicycle or other distractions.

3. Be Very Careful Next to the Street

One of the worst dangers of running outside is the danger that comes from traffic. To protect yourself, try to run in the direction that allows you to see the oncoming traffic from your side of the street. Also, it also pays to follow that timeless advice to look both ways before you cross the street, whether you have the right of way or not. If you sustain a pedestrian injury, it’s important to speak with a lawyer to obtain full compensation. Always be aware of potential dangers of running near busy streets, even if there are sidewalks.

4. Don’t Run the Same Route Every Day

If you run the same route all the time, it makes you an easy target for a stalker. Vary up your routine to avoid letting someone set up an attack on you. This will help you from getting bored too, and keep you more alert for dangerous distractions and traffic.

5. Watch the Pollution

If you are running in a big city, one thing you need to keep in mind is air pollution. Keep an eye on the air quality index before you head out on a run. If it is bad, you should stay inside for your workout. Try running or jogging in the mornings when air quality is usually at is best.

6. Tell Someone Your Plan

You should let someone know where you will be running and how long you are planning to be gone. That way, they can go look for you if you do not turn back up when you were supposed to. If you get injured or lost, doing this well help ensure that you aren’t gone too long without help.

Running in the city can be joyous. However, you need to follow these safety tips to stay safe. It is true that it is better to be safe than sorry, and being safe is especially important in a busy environment.

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