6 Common Health Problems Associated With Sports

You may benefit from learning about six common health problems often resulting from participating in sports. People involved in competitive athletics over a long period time are more likely to experience health problems associated with shin splints, tendon injuries, fractures, dislocations, strains and sprains and knee injuries. Understanding more about these health issues may help athletes avoid getting hurt or obtain the appropriate treatment when injured.

Knee Injuries

Knee issues caused by sports can result in mild to severe injuries. Two knee injuries common among athletes are Patellofemoral syndrome, caused by the kneecap colliding with the thigh bone, and ACL tears. The anterior cruciate ligament that connects the knee to the leg bone can become severely damaged, strained or torn due to sudden forceful contact.

Strains and Sprains

Sprains are described as tears in ligaments resulting from jones being knocked out of place. Strains are caused by the muscle or tendon being twisted or pulled from the bone. Ankle sprains, hamstring strains and groin pulls are all very common for people who play sports frequently.


Dislocations often occur in the shoulders and hips. Dislocation injuries are most prevalent in high-impact games like basketball and football, which involve excessive falling and stretching. This could result in frozen shoulder, shoulder instability and more. It’s important to see a specialist like those at Town Center Orthopaedic Associates if you are dealing with this type of injury. Prompt treatment can help prevent future problems.


These sports injuries either result in acute fractures sustained from a single forceful impact or stress fractures caused by a repetitive impact against one particular spot. Stress fractures are most common on the lower limbs, while acute fractures often qualify as emergencies.

Tendon Injuries

The most notorious tendon injuries associated with athletics are tennis elbow and Achilles tendon injuries. Epicondylitis describes the irritation and small tears in the elbow tendon caused by sports with repetitive motion like golf and tennis. Tendinitis, degeneration caused by aging and overuse, can damage the Achilles tendon to tear, disconnecting the back of the heel from the calf muscle.

Shin Splints

These injuries result in athletes experiencing pain along the front of the shin bone, as well as the outer part of the lower leg and foot. Shin splints are common for athletes overtraining, improperly stretching or using shoes with insufficient support. This problem is common among runners and athletes in similar sports.

Sports injuries that are handled poorly could potentially be life-altering. This unfortunate fact is true for athletes involved in organized sports and the average weekly warrior as well. Gaining a better understanding of these injuries can help athletes make wiser choices about the sports they choose and the safety equipment they use.

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