Simple Tips To Help You Enhance Your Athletic Performance Naturally

Whether you are a weekend warrior, a serious athlete, or somewhere in between, you are probably interested in getting the most out of your body at each workout. Fortunately, there are a wide range of things you can add to your routine that will enhance your performance naturally. By adding the following tips to your routine, you may be surprised at how quickly you see results. The following tips are safe, inexpensive and easy to implement.


Recovery happens while you sleep. Ideally, you will get eight hours of sleep each night, but that may not always be possible. Try to arrange your schedule so that you get as close to eight hours as you can, and then supplement with naps when possible. Adequate rest is one of the most important things you can do to boost your recovery. If you have trouble sleeping, work on your sleep hygiene, such as putting screens away for at least an hour before you head to bed, limiting caffeine in the afternoon, and waking up at the same time each day.


Consider adding a supplement, such as ASEA Redox, to your diet. ASEA Redox works on the cellular level to boost energy and maintain health. It increases endurance naturally, and speeds recovery time between workouts. Take a look at Asea reviews for more information. You should be taking supplements like a mulch-vitamin to enhance your diet. You can also include natural supplements like herbal tea to help with minor aches and pains that comes with exercise.

Hit the Gym

No matter the sport, you can improve your performance by lifting weights. There is no reason to worry about spending hours in the gym performing bicep and hamstring curls. If your goal is improved athletic performance, rather than a bodybuilder type physique, choose the big lifts, compound moves that work multiple body parts, such as power cleans and squats. These exercises don’t take long to do, and build explosive strength and speed. They will help you jump higher, run faster and generally perform more athletically.

Switch It Up

When lifting, don’t do the same rep range every workout. Some workouts should focus on a low number of repetitions with heavy weights, while other workouts should use lighter weights and focus on the speed of the movement. Switching your workout up this way will help athletic development.

Take Cardio Work Outside

Hill sprints and running on uneven ground strengthen your body in ways that the repetitive workout of the treadmill or stationary bike won’t. Whenever possible, go outside to perform your cardio workout, saving the machines in the gym for days when the weather is truly uncooperative.


Your workouts and practice strategies can be well planned, but, if you aren’t fueling your body properly, you will have trouble making progress. It is important to consume enough calories to fuel your workouts. If you need to lose some weight, cut slowly, aiming for gradual weight loss. Also, concentrate on the quality of your calories. Leave out the junk, and consume protein, carbs and healthy fats. Make room for a treat occasionally, but generally, you want the foods you consume to be nutrient dense choices.

Stay Hydrated

Another factor in fueling your body adequately is keeping it well hydrated. Water is the first choice for hydration, and you should have some before, during and after your workout, as well as throughout the day. If your workout is longer than an hour, or it is particularly warm, a sports drink makes a better choice for hydration than plain water.

There are a variety of things you can do to naturally to improve your athletic performance. None of these tips require a huge commitment or a drastic lifestyle change. Simply add one or more of these tips, either gradually, or all at once, and notice the improvements in your athletic performance.

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