Simple Exercises You Can Do To Recover After A Serious InjuryA serious injury can put your life on hold for months and even years. During your recovery period, you may be involved in physical therapy for your injury, but these exercises do not provide the overall conditioning your body needs. Though you may be limited in what your doctors allows, you can still do some simple exercises to stay in shape.


1. Full-Body Stretch


Some exercises can be done when standing, sitting or even lying down. The full-body stretch gives you an all-over muscle toning with the minimum of effort. If necessary, you can eliminate areas of the body that are still recovering from the injury. Stretch out your full length with arms extended above you and toes pointed and stretched to their maximum limit. Hold for 10 seconds and release. Repeat three to five times each day.


2. Arm Exercises


If another part of your body is affected by an injury, you can still maintain strength in your arms with simple arm extensions or arm curls. Stretch your arms high above your head and hold for the count of ten, and then lower them. Repeat this exercise several times each day. For another simple arm exercise, take an exercise weight or book in each hand. Hold your arms extended at your side, and then lift the book, curling the arm upward. Repeat five times on each side.


3. Tightening Abs


Keeping your abdominal muscles tight when recovering from an injury can be challenging. However, strong abs help to support your spine and keep your body functioning properly. You can tighten your abdominal muscles even when lying down. Focus on the muscles in the lower, middle and upper abdomen. Tighten each group of muscles separately and hold for 5 counts. Then, release the muscles. Work your way from the lower abdomen to the upper abdomen, repeating the exercise for each part separately. Do this exercise daily to keep muscles strong and supportive.


4. Walking


Walking does not put excessive strain on joints. Of course, even walking exercise should be clear by your physician. Start slow with a simple walk down the block at a pace that feels comfortable for you. Extend the distance little by little until you are walking for a mile. If you feel discomfort or pain at any time, discontinue walking until you see your doctor for advice.


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