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Who knew the after effects of birth would be so hard on not only the body, but the mind? Mothers are blessed with holding their beautiful baby or babies in their arms but their body is ravaged with spider veins, a road map of stretch marks, extra pregnancy weight that stubbornly will not come off and breasts that are not as youthful as they once were. What is a woman to do?


Spider Veins


They are another enemy of motherhood, and while some creams can help minimize the appearance of the veins on the skin, the results are subjective and askew. There are many surgical options that are practically pain-free to help in removing the veins. According to a South Dakota plastic surgery official, a procedure called Veinwave, a tiny needle is inserted into the spider vein, and collapses the vein instantly and permanently. Another option is called Sclerotherapy, where a solution is injected into the vein, making them collapse and fade. Most procedures are even done in office and you can still walk the same day.


Stretch Marks


Most pregnant women develop stretch marks during their pregnancy. They are formed when skin is not as elastic as the ever-growing pregnancy belly and so tears occur. Stretch marks can range in color from white to a deep, angry purple color. Creams can help minimize the appearance of the stretch marks and usually contain collagen to help minimize the scarring. Removal of stretch marks done by laser is an option, but can take many sessions before results are noticeable and can be very expensive. Preventative measures are always best, by keeping your skin moisturized with lotion and vitamin E, you reduce your chances of developing, or furthering stretch marks on your body.


Extra Pregnancy Weight


One of the hardest side effects of pregnancy for women is the extra weight they put on while pregnant. Some women are lucky and lose the weight almost instantaneously and others during the year after their pregnancy. Still, most women are plagued by the extra weight they carry in places they never carried it before they were pregnant. It not only does a number on them physically, but can lead a woman to feel ashamed and insecure about her body. No need to worry, there are many options available when it comes to losing this weight.


Diet and exercise are always the preferred method, eating healthy and making sure to start a good exercise program usually yield results within a few months of starting. Support garments like a belly wrap can also be used to minimize the waistline, and other body shapes are also very common ways to help smooth and shape a woman’s body and give her the extra lift of confidence that she needs.


Breast Changes After Pregnancy


Pregnancy changes a woman’s breasts in many ways, most women agree that this is one area of change that is the most dramatic. According to a doctor in Sioux Falls, breasts might lack the youthful and pert appearance that they once had, stretch marks may have appeared, and loose skin might be an issue. A supportive bra can do wonders in giving the breasts an instant lift, but for something more permanent they turn to plastic surgery to restore their pre-pregnancy breast appearance.


Women embrace this new time in their lives, but do not have to live with the aftermath that the pregnancy has had on their bodies. Women can enjoy their bodies again with a restored confidence and peace of mind.




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