A youth bouncing on a trampoline

A youth bouncing on a trampoline (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Play and outdoor activity is always associated with children, but can there be some benefit to encouraging adults to partake in such things?

Most people will know the benefits of exercise. Increasing your heart rate for at least 20 minutes a day can promote a healthier cardio-vascular system, reducing your risk of heart problems. It is also great for your body to exercise regularly, both to increase circulation, muscle health and respiratory health.

A lot of people also discuss the importance of children getting outside to play – both to get exercise and fresh air. There are many parents out there who really encourage their children to get outside to play, whether that is at the park, to go on a bike ride, playing sport or just to have a run around in the garden. How many adults would honestly go out and join their children in these activities?

Studies have shown that less and less time is spent together as a family. Many people through their heavy work schedules and careers find it hard to set aside time to sit and eat dinner with the whole family or talk, read or play.

Outdoor play with the children, as a family could be a great release for adults. Not only do they get to unleash their inner child, but they are also spending quality time with their children. Bouncing on your child’s trampoline can be a brilliant way to tone legs and arms and as you get better and better you could start practising drops and twists which will not only increase the benefit to your body but will give you a focus. If you do not feel like the athletic type, then trampolining can be great for anyone as bouncing is easy. If you want to increase your heart rate even more you could try tucking your legs under your chin after every bounce, or straightening your legs in what is sometimes called a ‘pike’. This is where you touch your toes as you point your legs out in the air which can be quite tricky!

Learning tricks and moves on a trampoline is great way to give your exercise focus and give you targets and goals to achieve. If your children are particularly good on your trampoline they may be able to teach you a thing or two. This can be a brilliant way to bond with your child as you are learning something that is usually associated with the children only. If you don’t already have a trampoline or want advice on trampoline safety and buying the correct trampoline for you and your child visit Big Game Hunter’s trampoline shop at www.trampolinesshop.co.uk. The people here are experts in the field of trampolines so are willing to advise – even if you are not based in the UK they will be happy to help.

Bouncing not only is great exercise but a great stress reliever – the feeling of soaring through the air can give you the weightless feeling of euphoria which is just perfect after a long day doing chores or hard at work in the office. How many people have you seen looking miserable on a trampoline? Some healthy fun and laughter can be the greatest stress relief there is. So why stop there? Try swings, slides (if they are strong enough) climbing walls, space hoppers or basketball – anything active and fun!

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