You’ve probably heard many time that calcium is essential for healthy bones and teeth. That’s where most of our bodily calcium is stored. This mineral also contributes to other bodily processes, such as digestion. But for those concerned with diet and basic fitness, exciting new studies also indicate the calcium can help with weight loss.

Aging and Diet

Calcium helps to reduce fat retention and accelerate the metabolism for effective fat-burning. However, it’s also true that your body can only process so many calories. As we get older and less active, we just aren’t burning the calories we’re taking in. Calcium helps with this process, but it isn’t a cure-all. You still need exercise and proper diet under any circumstances. Control your diet first, then add more calcium as part of your overall fitness regimen.

Calcium Support

When your body isn’t getting enough calcium, it takes it from your bones using Vitamin D and parathyroid hormones. A healthy thyroid is also critical to regulating the metabolism. This is why calcium is especially important to older people who naturally begin to lose bone density. But this is true for younger people, as well. Low calcium will both raise the production of fat and weaken your bones, inviting injury in sports or body-building.

Dairy Foods

Most people get their calcium from ordinary daily milk. The problem is that many adults don’t get enough milk. Many people are lactose-intolerant, don’t like the taste, or don’t realize they still have a strong need for regular dairy foods in the diet. Another problem is that dairy tends to increase our protein intake. High protein and sedum levels can lead to loss of calcium. You need to ensure you’re always getting the right amount of calcium in your diet.

Getting Enough

Studies in both mice and humans indicate that higher calcium restricts weight gain and helps with weight loss if you have an otherwise healthy lifestyle. You can get calcium from green foods like spinach, kale, or collard greens. If your diet doesn’t contain enough of these foods, you might consider taking calcium supplements. Not only can these help you lose weight; they can help alleviate osteoporosis. As mentioned earlier, it’s especially important for seniors to get the right amount of calcium in their diet.

It’s important to get a balance of nutrients, but calcium is one of the basic bodily needs. If you want to both maintain health and control weight, adequate calcium is essential.

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