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We lead such busy lives these days that it can be difficult to find time to exercise. Whether it’s juggling work and family commitments, finding the time in a busy study schedule or having too many things to do, exercise is often one of the first things to go when there is simply too much going on.

Exercise, however, is important. Not only does it keep you fit and slim, but also having a healthier lifestyle will actually give you more energy, making you better able to cope with the demands of modern life. So, rather than procrastinating on the sofa after a busy day, how best can you fit some exercise in to your schedule?

Break it up

Experts say that we need two and a half hours of exercise a week. Whilst this may seem daunting at first, it’s more achievable if you break it down into smaller chunks. It isn’t necessary to spend all this time in the gym or go to three exercise classes a week. You may find it more manageable, for example, to fit in three 10-minute sessions a day. You could go for a 10-minute jog three times a day or cycle to work and back if you live close by.

Think about multi-tasking when you exercise. If you can work both your upper and lower body in one exercise, you’ll be doing double the work in half the time. For a quick workout try 10-12 repetitions of exercises that work both, such as walking lunges and bicep curls or shoulder presses and standing squats.

If you’re really stuck for time, focus on your large muscle groups, such as your legs. By doing so you’ll be able to maximise the number of calories that you burn. Core conditioning can also be a good option.

Use situations to your advantage

It’s not just traditional exercise that you can use to keep fit. Try to incorporate exercise in other activities that you are already carrying out. For example, rather than using a shopping trolley at the supermarket, opt for a basket. As you start to fill it the basket will act as a hand weight helping you strengthen as you shop.

If you’re really pushed for time, take an interval training approach. Combining 45 seconds of high intensity exercise that elevates your heart rate combined with 20 seconds of rest can help you maintain fitness levels until you can commit to lengthier sessions. Fit these in whenever you can.

Think about the type of exercises that you can easily fit into your day. You might find that investing in a couple of Reebok fitness accessories, such as a step or gym ball, is all that you need to motivate you to get a quick exercise fix whenever you have 10 minutes spare.

Making time to exercise can seem impossible to achieve. By looking for activities that can be done frequently, at a higher intensity or as part of everyday tasks you can break it down into manageable portions. By getting the right amount of exercise, you’ll be better able to cope with your busy life.

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