A regular exercise routine is essential for maintaining a healthy body, mind, and lifestyle, but it isn’t always easy for many to keep it going. For some people, working out is a cathartic process that they look forward to. In most cases, people have to will themselves to go to the gym. If you’re in the midst of a workout routine, consider these tips to help you remain motivated.

Motivational Messages 
Most people like to work out in the morning so that they can get it over with. Whether you prefer morning or evening workouts, it’s a good idea to listen to a motivational message or motivational music to improve your mood and keep you going. It’ll help you get centered. It’ll also remind you of the reasons why you’re sticking to this routine. Music that is fast-paced, upbeat, and full of power will energize you through a workout, and a motivational message at the beginning can wake up your mind and get you pumped to exercise.

Dress Accordingly 
Go online and find exercise clothing that you feel comfortable in. If your workout clothes are too tight and constricting, or have uncomfortable thick waistbands that make sit-ups feel like you’re crunching your spine against a rock, you need new clothes. Similarly, clothing that is too loose can become cumbersome and get in the way of various exercises and movements, leaving you working hard to just work hard. Keep in mind the temperature of your workout space, and remember that your body will warm up as you go. Opt for moisture-wicking fabrics that will pull your sweat off your body rather than just letting is sit against your skin and make you uncomfortable, and aim for stretchy and soft fabrics that move easily with your body. If you work out in a public space, avoid choosing clothes that you feel are too revealing and will make you embarrassed or uncomfortable while going through your routine, or you’ll be fighting emotional as well as physical battles to get yourself to the gym.

Don’t forget to take weather into account, either. If your routine includes outdoor exploits like biking or jogging, make sure you have the right clothes that will keep you warm in the colder temperatures but still accounting for your increase in body temperature. Getting out to exercise in the cold can take a serious toll on your motivation if you weren’t already excited for it, and if that is the case with you, then you might do better with indoor winter training during the colder seasons. Stationary bikes and treadmills can take the place of outdoor biking and morning jogs, and having a temperature-regulated atmosphere with a professional trainer next to you can make it easier to keep on your routine. This is especially helpful for those who are in seasonal sports and need to maintain their strength and dexterity during the off-seasons.

There’s strength in numbers. If you don’t like working out, it might be that you need to find the right group of people to help you in the journey. Physical movement is easier to maintain when you’re doing it in synchronization with a group or with someone standing by to motivate you through. Humans are very social creatures, so being with others and doing the same activities with them is very motivating and releases positive hormones in the brain’s reward system. Working in an organized team can be even better, because you’re all committed to the same goal rather than working on your own thing at different paces. Whether it’s a basketball league, a dance class or a swim team, find communities of exercise enthusiasts who can keep you motivated and check on you. Doing something you love with people you enjoy spending time with will not only help you keep up your routine, but it can even make you look forward to it.

Fun Workouts 
Find workouts that you can really enjoy. If the thought of running on the treadmill is enough to make you want to skip the gym, find a different workout you can enjoy. Try endurance coaching or cycling to change your routine up, or for the more casual work out, take up some racquetball or swim laps at your local pool. Something as simple as jumping on the trampoline can increase both your muscle and bone strength, and playing with a large inflatable ball can increase arm strength when you throw it. Find friends who enjoy these activities with you, and remember to stretch beforehand and try a variety of activities so that your whole body gets the workout it needs.

While your motivation might come and go, make sure that you remain committed to yourself. When you decide to take a few days off from working out, you’re only cheating yourself out of optimal health. With this thought in mind, try out these tips to reach your health and fitness goals in a positive manner.

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