Countless people suffer the effects of inflammation all around the country. Their body aches, digestive systems performs poorly, and most common of all, their joints hurt or fail to function like they should. The good news is removing inflammation from your life may be as simple as knowing what kind of foods to eat. Below is a list of five most effective foods that naturally act as ‘joint juice’ to reduce inflammation.

Joint Juice Five Foods That Help Reduce Inflammation

Fatty Seafood
Numerous medical studies have been conducted on Alaskan natives whom have a diet rich in fat, yet seem to suffer no ill effects from it. The trick to their health remains in the type of foods they eat, which is a diet rich in fresh and fatty seafood. The best way to make this seafood diet work for you is to eat it as fresh as possible. Freeze-dried seafood will provide the highest amount of omega-3 fatty acids due to the relatively small amount of chemical degradation that this type of freezing inflicts. When preparing your seafood, opt to bake or broil it. You can even eat is as sushi to preserve the anti-inflammatory benefits of seafood.
Leafy, Dark Green Vegetables
Some studies have shown vegetables like broccoli, collard greens, kale, and spinach as having anti-inflammatory properties. Scientists believe that the major mechanism that helps the body reduce inflammation remains in the type of vitamin E that these greens have.
As an added bonus, these vegetables tend to have a higher nutrient total than other types. That means you can acquire the nutrients the rest of your body needs with these foods alone.

ASEA Redox
While there are many products designed to act as wonder nutrients for the body, very few are able to produce results. Redox from ASEA is a supplement that uses a special recipe to activate the body’s natural recovery process. ASEA Reviews will say that regularly taking Redox helps the body reduce inflammation. By simply drinking the right amount per day, and reinforcing the natural way that your body is supposed to work and activating otherwise inactive molecules, Redox may be able to help your body feel refreshed.

Isoflavones are compounds that react similarly to estrogen in the body. They aid in repairing cell damage, which in turn allows them to reduce inflammation. Some have found a significant reduction in their joint pain after regularly consuming soy as part of their diet. To make the most out of the benefits of isoflavones from soy, eat soy with as little processing as possible. Boiled soy is generally the best way to do this.

A unique trait of brightly colored vegetables is that they tend to have a higher concentration of antioxidants. Peppers, both mild and hot, are the best example of this. Red peppers are particularly amazing because they contain capsaicin, which can reduce inflammation even more than the antioxidants found in other types of peppers. Some studies have even linked capsaicin in the body with a reduced amount of risk for cancer, diabetes, and other metabolic conditions due to the reduction in inflammation it can provide. Don’t be afraid to add some fresh spice into your life to fight inflammation.

Curing inflammation may be as simple as adding a few things to your diet. The key to achieving this is consistency, as the fastest of these nutrients starts taking effect in 7 to 10 days. Remember that you will acquire the most benefit from foods that have been processed the least, as processing tends to strip away or break down the anti-inflammatory molecules found in the foods listed above.


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