No Gym? No Problem! Five Great Workouts You Can Do At Home

For some people, going to the gym just isn’t going to “work out”. Perhaps there’s no gym nearby or the fees are too high. Maybe their hours don’t work with your schedule or there isn’t childcare available. Even if you can’t get to a gym, you can still enjoy the benefits of a workout in your own home so long as you have a few pieces of basic equipment and some space to move around.

Jump Rope

A quality jump rope costs around $20 and provides years worth of high-quality workouts. Use the jump rope on a sturdy surface such as a concrete basement or garage floor. You’ll get a boost of cardio and aerobic exercise in just a few minutes. The jump rope folds compactly and stores easily out of the way.

Weight Lifting

Building muscle increases your metabolism all day and night long. Fortunately, you don’t need a huge weight machine to do simple lifts. While you can purchase new or secondhand free weights, consider free alternatives that you likely already have, such as milk cartons, 2-liter soda jugs or bottles of laundry detergent.


Pull-ups are a simple, yet highly effective, way to exercise your arms, shoulders and pectoral muscles. Installing a pull-up bar across the corner of a wall in your workout area is an inexpensive and unobtrusive way to exercise at home. This is simple to do, and instructions for how to install a stud pull up bar can be found for free online.

Resistance Training

A simple set of resistance bands and an exercise ball can provide hours of exercise. Devise a workout that includes the legs, core, back, hamstrings and arms. Stretch your muscles group by group until you just start to feel resistance. Although an exercise ball takes up a bit of space, it can also double as a desk chair so you can exercise while working at home.

Step Exercises

You don’t need a big, heavy and expensive stepping machine if you have steps in your home. Even if you only have a few steps, you can take advantage of them in your workout. Do repetitions both forward and backward to tone your calves and thighs. For an added challenge, take two steps at a time or use hand weights at the same time as stepping.

An at-home workout offers both challenge and convenience. Purchasing a few basic home workout supplies only costs about as much as one month’s worth of fees at a gym but they’ll provide you with years worth of use.

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