I know from experience that it can be a long hard road on the way back to getting in shape. I lost thirty pounds about three years ago. It took almost an entire year for me to reach my goals, but the weight is still off. Here are some of the things I learned along the way.

Use a Cleanse to Jump Start Your Weight Loss

Consult your physician before starting a cleanse, but my experience is that the Hollywood starlets have it right. If you only do it for a short time (a week at maximum)once a year, you can really get a jump start on losing weight. Admittedly, this will be a lot of water weight and not fat loss, but who cares because you’ll see the scale move and it will get you motivated to achieve more results. You can try a body cleanse detox kit from www.naturessunshine.com.

Start Small

Begin with just thirty minutes a day. You can even break your exercise into short blocks of time where you squeeze in three ten minute walks per day if you have to. The point is to set a pattern with yourself of dedicating a set time to exercise.

Start with Low Impact Exercises

All too often, those trying to get back into shape set goals that are just way too ambitious to be sustainable. I am talking to all you boot camp people out there! Trust me on this. Just start with walking your first week or so. Build up to the kickboxing and boot camp classes. You may even want to do yoga or pilates.

Enlist a Support Group

Once you have made the decision to get back into shape, start telling the key people in your life. They can avoid asking you if you want dessert, or if you want to share the nacho appetizer. Another thing your friends and family will be able to do is meet you for a walk or to play a sport instead of catching up over drinks. You can still have time with those important to you, you are just changing the venue of how you bond.

Allow yourself a treat day once a week

This literally is what did it for me, I believe. To stay on track, I ate reasonably perfectly six days a week. Usually on a Saturday, I had a free day. I avoided thinking about calories and just ate what I wanted! Giving yourself a cheat day helps to keep your sanity of trying to lose weight. And after you eat what you want and feel kind of aweful afterwords you will be more motivated to get back on track with your diet.

These are five things that worked for me. Try them for yourself and see what works for you. Everyones bodies are different so it is important to figure out what works for you. It is even more important to realize that healthy living is much more than losing a few pounds. If you are determined to lose weight and keep it off then you have to also realize that it is a lifestyle change that you must always be working at.

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