28 year old Sebastian David used to eat more than 4000 calories a day. KFC, fries, chicken, cakes, coke, burgers, you name it. Sebastian’s father was suffering from a chronic illness. In the wake of the stress of this problem, Sebastian stopped preparing any meals at home and started ordering more.

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But when Sebastian’s dad passed away, he decided once and for all to change his situation.

He cut his diet to around 3,000 calories. In the breakfast he used to take oats, eggs and berries. In lunch, Sebastian took chicken, potatoes and broccoli. He preferred fish and boiled potatoes in dinner.

With a killer workout plan and strict diet, Sebastian not only lost weight but became a fitness model. Here’s how he looks now.

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Sebastian started posting his pictures online and got a great response. This provided an impetus to take part in local fitness and modeling competition. Sebastian stood seventh. He is now a regular model at various fashion outlets.

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What a transformation it is. From a huge tummy to six packs in a few months is a remarkable achievement.


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