People with foot problems nonetheless must engage in an appropriate fitness and exercise program in order to maintain their overall health. The reality is that there exist a number of different exercise regimens that are ideally suited to people who suffer from foot problems and pain. Five safe workouts are particularly appropriate for people afflicted with foot problems.Five Safe Workouts for People with Foot Problems

Before embarking on an exercise program when a person suffers from foot problems, a person must make certain that he or she obtains appropriate footwear, as necessary. For example, if a person is afflicted with foot problems or heel pain, an effort must be made to obtain the proper shoes before commencing an exercise routine.


One of the most suitable forms of exercise for people with foot problems and pain is swimming. Swimming is a highly effective form of a workout, combining both the opportunity for strength training and aerobic exercise. Overall, swimming places no unnecessary stress or strain on problem feet.

Riding a Recumbent Bike

As opposed to a standard bicycle, including a stationary type, a recumbent bike does not utilize the up and down motion, which can cause added and unnecessary stress to a problem foot. Rather, it uses more of an out and down motion, which puts far less stress on a person’s feet.

Training on an Elliptical

Another appropriate exercise for a people with foot related issues is training on an elliptical with proper sneakers for plantar fasciitis and other foot problems. The elliptical is a healthy workout alternative for people generally, and particularly for individuals that suffer from afflictions impacting different parts of their bodies, including feet. An elliptical provides a high power workout without putting stress on an individual’s problematic feet.

Stationary Bike at Low Resistance

A stationary bike should not be ruled out all together when it comes to people with foot related problems and issues. Rather, a stationary bike can be a useful and appropriate exercise tool for a person with foot problems provided the resistance associated with the equipment is kept low. By keeping the resistance low, a person can obtain a solid workout without putting undue stress on a person’s problem feet.

Walking in a Pool

Walking is viewed as one of the most useful exercises. People with foot problems need not necessarily rule out walking all together. In many cases, a person with feet related issues can engage in walking in a pool. This actually enhances the essential benefits associated with walking and at the same time places minimal stress on a person’s troublesome feet.

Don’t let foot pain stop you from exercising. Pick up any of the mentioned workouts to get a good workout even with injury.

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